Why it Is an Excellent Idea to Visit the City of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, is a city surrounded by walls; a coastal city, where the beaches are bathed by the Adriatic Sea. Located in the region of Dalmatia, Croatia, the richness of its monuments offers all citizens and visitors a perspective that does not leave anyone indifferent. It is ever fascinating.

If you are still in doubt about travelling to this wonderful city, do not think twice! Travel, and immerse yourself in its numerous churches, forts, walls, romantic and luxurious beaches and its small coves, and the many tourist activities available.
To get the best out of sightseeing in Dubrovnik just walk the streets and be attentive to its atmosphere and what the environment offers you. Enjoy its tourist attractions, have a good time here and relax on the best beaches of this famous and popular city. You can discover the best ideas for this city and arrange your trip if you continue reading and let us show you the most important corners, the most essential places to visit that surely you should not miss.

The Walls of Dubrovnik
Encompassing the entire city, and almost two thousand metres in length, these ancient city walls bestow upon Dubrovnik a beautiful and unique setting. From here you get the best views of the city and you will see the hidden corners with their coves.
Stradun or Placa

The main street of the city is the Placa, or Stradun, (‘street’) where people stroll along the ancient limestone slabs and meet with friends to enjoy life. Here, the most popular feasts are held, where life never ends, always bubbly like the foam on the nearby sea.
It is a place where you’ll always be surrounded by good music and pleasure, offering a taste that only the Mediterranean can, in the Croatian lifestyle and with a variety of shops to visit. This same street divides the historic centre into the north and the south aspects of the city.
Dubrovnik Cathedral

The Baroque Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary houses a large collection of paintings along with ancient jewelled artefacts within its Treasury. It is essential to visit this beautiful place to discover the austere and transcendent life that accompanies every cathedral, and to observe and admire these religious gems.

Old Town
If you think you’ve seen everything on your travels across Europe, just wander the streets of the Old Town and feel the atmosphere that this city offers so that you learn, maybe once again, that Europe never stops surprising.
Enjoy its shops, restaurants and the many places to explore ‒ streets and walls that speak to every visitor who rests his backpack or camera among the old stonework. We hope you find there the magic we can see; a fascinating touch left by the inhabitants over the centuries ‒ the Old Town that will make your trip really great.

Rector’s Palace
This building is located in the Old Town between the walls of the Museum of History and Culture. In its yard, in the summer months, organised concerts are often held, which join the soul and spirit of every traveller.
In the past, this palace served as the seat of government. We recommend this venue, especially to anyone looking for an excellent view of the cathedral and an amazing perspective on the city in general.

Clock Tower
You’ll find it at the end of the main street ‒ the Placa. It is the symbol of the city, with its bells that make music in our ears every hour. Bells with their sweet sounds that have resounded over time, despite the wars and bombings of the past.
But wait, because there is more… more than visiting Dubrovnik and much more than we certainly can convey in this article ‒ the protagonist here is you.

Visit the great jewel, the pride of this historic city, the Franciscan Monastery. It is not only a church, not only a museum that hopefully you get so hooked on like us, but also you will find there one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe.

To make your trip to Dubrovnik even better and more enjoyable, get all you can out of your visit. We recommend seeking the typical atmosphere of the city along the small streets. Do you want to live your own adventure? Then avoid the main streets for a while. You will live a journey and experience a truly personal adventure.
Be aware the sun here is especially strong in the summer months, so for protection take refuge and have refreshments at one of the cafes or restaurants that offer a light and peaceful atmosphere, with perfect meals, at a price you can afford.
Choose this place, choose your next vacation in Dubrovnik, which will surely not disappoint. Find a real break beside a sea of history, with great beaches and a natural landscape that has hardly changed since the dawn of civilisation.

Come and enjoy. It is definitely worth it and will be a great trip for you and for your family or to share with friends.

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