What Not to Miss if You Visit Berlin

Travel to the German capital, Berlin; it can be one of the best choices. If it is your first visit, and you have the ability to do so, we suggest you take advantage of all that this beautiful city offers.

Each trip to Berlin is always exciting, attractive in terms of obtaining new knowledge, fun and of course relaxation that you’ll find there. If you decide to spend a few days or even just a weekend in Berlin, we help you with a small itinerary so as not to miss anything important among what Berlin has to offer.
To explore this important German city we will begin in the heart of it, so if you stay at one of the downtown hotels in Berlin this will be a very positive thing for your trip.

Among the best ways to discover this attractive city, the capital of East Germany until reunification in 1990, which brings together both the luxury and decadence of the former German Democratic Republic, we will start with a walk along this famous boulevard, the Kurfürstendamm, so popular among citizens and tourists who spend holidays in Berlin.
Many shops, shopping centres, businesses and restaurants express the best thing about Germany´s capital to all who pass along this street. At one end of the street you will find the neo-Romanesque Church, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
This church offers great history and a commemoration or rather memory of World War II, as it was destroyed by the bombs that fell on the city and remains so today. Beside it, a modern glass chapel was built.

And now we continue our journey on to Potsdamer Platz, a large square and a very important location where you will see the famous and historic Berlin Wall.
The wall can also be seen in the area known as East Side Gallery, where you will see a split wall up to 1.3 kilometres. Just this wall was the one that divided the city of Berlin in two parts, divided as at the above Potsdamer Platz.
Although the wall still signifies the time of war to its citizens, that does not stop it being a place where even modern malls like the Sony Center and office complexes and business centres are located.

Pariser Platz

One of the most important squares in Berlin, before the buildings were destroyed during World War II, was Pariser Platz. The only structure that remained standing was the Brandenburg Gate, which today is visited not only by tourists but also all who stroll around the square.

Unter den Linden

This avenue, a main east-west thoroughfare of the city, which starts at the Brandenburg Gate, holds many famous buildings such as the Opera House or the Humboldt University Berlin, among others.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral represents the city in all its majesty. As with other churches and cathedrals throughout Europe that have hidden features, this gem also offers some particularly interesting things such as the majestic white marble altar.

Here also, you will discover a crypt concealing the coffins of members of the Hohenzollern family and a magnificent dome from where you can admire unbeatable views of the city.

German Parliament

The German Parliament, known as the Bundestag, is located in the old Reichstag building, in the heart of the city. The most famous and interesting part of the Parliament is undoubtedly the modern dome, redesigned by architect Sir Norman Foster. It is another interesting building on every tour of Berlin.

The dome is quite different from the original but despite that, it has become one of the greatest symbols of the city. Thus, it is open to the public, from where all visitors can take in a wide view of the city.

Pergamon Museum

If you like museums but do not have much time to explore them, at least do not miss the Pergamon Museum (Pergamonmuseum). It belongs to the most visited museums in the city of Berlin, and is the newest addition of the complex called Museum Island (Museumsinsel) that comprises five museums and is a World Heritage Site.

The Pergamon Museum contains three museums and, therefore, you can see the Collection of Antiquities, the Museum of the Ancient Near East and the Museum of Islamic Art. Major works such as altars, walls, doors and decorated wall panels so precious they leave you, obviously, astonished. You have to visit it if you decide to travel to Berlin.

TV Tower

From around 203 metres high, this great Television Tower (Fernsehturm Berlin) gives you the best views of the city. The best views of Berlin, certainly, that will teach you the city in a way that you had never experienced until now and especially in the most complete and 360 degree way. There is also a bar on the same floor as the viewing platform.

Four metres further up, on the next floor, the viewpoint is from the revolving restaurant; from here you can get great views accompanied by a plate of German food ‒ yet another of the great things to do in Berlin. In reality, the tower, the highest building in Berlin, is 368 metres high and is located at the Alexander Platz in former communist Berlin.

Perhaps the most interesting point of this place is the world clock, where you can see the actual time of the different time zones of the world.

Checkpoint Charlie

Between 1945 and 1990 this point was one of the most famous crossings in the Cold War period. Here you could seek permission to move from West Berlin to East Berlin. Today it serves as a great tourist attraction and reminder of those difficult times for many Berliners. You have to see it because it is one of the important places to visit in Berlin.

These are just some tips for your travels in Europe and, especially, for those sites you should not miss if you visit Berlin. However, there are plenty of other things to do in Berlin and this depends only on you ‒ such as how you use the time and stay organised.

In any case, the capital of Germany is worth a visit almost with your eyes closed. Learn about and enjoy Berlin, referred to by someone as ‘the heart of Europe’.

Editing by: Catherine Parker

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