What do we offer

What do we offer to the world?

Great traveling ideas, suggestions and tips

Best solutions for relaxation on the planet

Contact with our history and heritage

Romantic return to the past

Regaining connection with nature

A step towards healthy living and the best local food

Great way to get in touch with yourselves and your loved ones

Proposals for beautiful theaters, stunning music and marvelous books

A way to escape and disconnect from everyday life

Stories from people to people

We offer our experiences and dreams

You will read firsthand stories from native people

Under each story you’ll also find essential travel information

We will meet you both ways, if you’re looking for a vacation or just a quality story

We gather the knowledge that is consigned to oblivion

…And why is that good for YOU?

You get a lot more out of life

You get the opportunity to interact with pristine nature

Contact with local people

Experience the diversity of Europe and impressions from locals

You will get the opportunity to daydream that you are there and every time you return you’ll get interesting advice, excellent recipes, compelling stories, even if you never go traveling

Making new friends worldwide

Return to authenticity is never boring because Europe is so diverse
New knowledge can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home