Travel & Explore Europe Part 1

Travelling through Europe is like travelling through a plethora of adventures, every country you come has its own unique food, language, culture and even though some of the countries are small and you can travel through it in just 6 hours by car, it is a country with its own unique form of life.

If you are visiting Scandinavia, the northern part of Europe, a region consisting of the countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway, home of the Vikings in ancient days, you meet a people that come from an area that is tough, rugged and also versatile. Hey share a common history and yet they are so different in nature you almost cannot believe it. In Sweden and Norway, you find many mountains, large areas covered with forests, huge rivers while you in Denmark find no mountains, actually the highest point in Denmark is the East Pylon on the bridge crossing one of the many fjords. The food in Scandinavia in mostly pork, fish and rugged forms of grain like rye. The climate is tough and you only have a few months of warmth a year, and to many it is cold almost always.

Scandinavia is a place where education is taken to new levels and almost everybody in Scandinavia speak English, so for tourists it is a nice place to travel. You will in all three countries see churches dating back many centuries, castles built by kings and you will be able to see Viking ships and other artifacts from those days.

If you hop on a plane and fly for just three hours, then you are in Paris, yes it is not further away, it is a completely different world from Scandinavia, you are suddenly in the city of light and breathing culture, French cuisine, wine and looking at a metropole that holds some of the greatest churches in the world like Sacre Ceur, Notre Dame. You have a museum like the Louvre holding the most famous painting in the world the Mona Lisa and may other artifacts of unspeakable beauty. You will be walking through the Latin quarters and having coffee on a small cafe or a glass of wine produced only 200 miles away from the French Capitol.

France has many different regions of mountains, wide plains and you will see chateaus evenly spread across the country, some of them dating back more than 1000 years, picturesque churches in small villages painting a picture of ancient cultures and a history dating back many thousands of years, and it so different not just in climate but in every way from the Scandinavian countries not that far away.

If you leave France and take a short trip north, you will enter countries like Belgium and Holland, countries that again have unique cultures and languages. In Belgium you will find that both French and a language called Flemish is spoken and that the culture has some similarities with France, but is in its own way something completely different, the food is heavier, and the focus is not on wine but in beer, the beer produced by monks many years ago and it is a part of Belgian culture as much as wine is in France. The beer is dark, sweet and strong, you cannot drink much of it before it goes to your head. Belgium is a country with many ancient beautiful cities and small villages, the ancient city of Brügge is a sight you should not cheat yourself from visiting, it is something you will remember and the many ancient houses and narrow streets is something unique to this beautiful city. Right around the corner from Belgium is Holland, something completely different, a language that is all its own, but you can recognize words from other languages, like German, English, French and Danish. But all pronounced in their own special way. Holland is mostly known for tulips, clogs and windmills, but that is a shame, Amsterdam is a beautiful city, the many canals are cutting through the city and many ancient beautiful houses are located on their banks and in the side areas, where narrow streets and basement shops are a fixture you do not see anywhere else. Holland also have many forms of art unique to their country, painters from what is known as the golden age.

This and many other places in Europe you can visit when you travel with Fox. We have not covered many places in Europe, but they are all unique, from the Greek islands where democracy started to Celts in Scotland or the places in eastern Europe where you can visit the winter palace or walk in the footsteps of historical figures. Europe is united in the European Union, but they are still as unique as they were before they joined. And every country in Europe is worth a visit.

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