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With a population of about 375,000, Bologna is situated amid the imposing beauty of the Italian Apennines. This city still manages to evade the crowds of tourists who constantly move on their travels to Europe, largely thanks to the low-cost airlines that today make travel accessible to almost everyone.

The university city of Bologna exudes a jovial and youthful spirit, and is where the first university in our continent was created; a city where you do not come a cropper looking at the street map while walking around, since most motorcycles and bicycles will pay attention to you to avoid a crash!

Bologna – the Two Towers (most prominent among many other towers), gates and churches. History and Italian Renaissance. Definitely a very good destination to visit with friends and family to experience the most candid Italian charm, especially if you include other cities in northern Italy, whether Milan, Bergamo or Turin.

And, as we say, here the oldest university in Europe was founded; its main building was in the Archiginnasio Palace where we also find within the courtyard the beautiful Church of Santa Maria dei Bulgari.

But Bologna is not just about buildings. Bologna epitomises Italy and the Italian environment. It is the particular way of the inhabitants talking and especially class and style: pure fashion.

If we add into this its gastronomy and the Mediterranean spirit of the food we have a perfect fit to visit and to attend any of its markets, such as Mercato di Mezzo.

This market is located next to Piazza Maggiore, which has a church, like many others, dating from medieval times. This square represents the cultural epicentre of Bologna where the ancient guilds of blacksmiths, cobblers and bakers gathered.

Do we want to see an overview before we go shopping? We can go to Le Due Torri: The Two Towers. From here we can get a bird’s eye view of the Bolognese city, then choose our next destination, from those mentioned previously.

After shopping we can enjoy an Italian espresso, certainly the best in Europe.

But Italy is also one of the main centres of fashion in Europe, and here in Bologna we can enjoy shops with style and significance.
Or if you prefer to stick with the cultural immersion so common in each of the cities of Italy, we can visit the Piazza Santo Stefano where the Basilica of Santo Stefano dominates the square.

If we fancy a rest we can extend our view of Bologna and visit the Park of Montagnola (Giardini della Montagnola) where we can catch our breath, relax and take refreshments if we came here as backpackers.
In short, travel to Bologna is a luxury, travelling through Guglielmo Marconi Airport either with companies such as Iberia or with some of the most common low-cost airlines from London, Bristol or Manchester.

Of course, from many other airports you have to make changes and also the route is not open at all times of the year, but it can compensate you to look at companies like Ryanair to be making savings today for your next trip. Who knows?
Bologna is waiting for you because Bologna is yours to enjoy.

Editing by: Catherine Parker

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