Travel & Explore Europe Part 2

Europe is a place of endless discoveries, perfect for group adventure and solitary walks, ideal for exploration and travel. It is the place where you feel connection and love for nature and life as its beauty slowly reveals before your eyes. If you want to be taken in a magical place, in quaint and small villages you only read in fairy tales, then you must take a visit to the wonders of your Europe. There is more to this place and there are more beautiful gems that are yet to be discovered and experienced. Fairy tales does not only happen in the Brothers Grimms, but in real life as well. If you are in for an adventure, you certainly have to put Europe in your bucket list.

Europe is a large continent and travelling around will take you more days than you actually planned, so make sure to write an itinerary before travelling. Europe covers the Atlantic Ocean going to the Arctic Ocean, so expect that Europe will give you a wide range of experiences. Europe is also rich in culture and beliefs, history and heritage. You will feast your eyes in bright and scenic places, warm and friendly smile of the people. You can even visit places that were featured in television series and movies. There is always something thrilling about visiting those places.
One of the best places to go is in Sicily, Italy; place rich in history and grand mansions. If you watched the Godfather, you would easily recognize the place as they shoot one of their scenes in Sicily. The buildings made of old stones have endured the test of time that walking down its narrow streets will bring you to the past. You could find beautiful views when you reach Savoca, Italy where most of the location in the Godfather was filmed.

You should also try to visit the magnificent Mirabell Gardens in Austria. The town has many iconic castles and establishments and is bustling with life. Towering mountains surrounds the city and the castles will take you to a fairy tale like experience. There are grand lakes just beside these grand castles ideal for filming and royal-themed photo shoots.

The old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia will take you to the ancient wonders of city living and lively market. The place is really old and dramatic which made a favorite to directors who films historical based movies and television series. If you remember, Game of Thrones is filmed in this particular iconic city of Dubrovnik.
Prague in Czech Republic I think is the place where you want to go if you wish to explore the common village and city life of Europe. The city’s brilliant architecture will certainly capture your heart and will make you want to stay there for good. The Wallenstein Palace in Prague is a commonly visited site as well. If you remember your history classes, it is outside this palace that famous and well-renowned Mozart played for Emperor Amadeus.

The old port in Skiathos in Greece where you could find pleasant taverns is also a must see. It has beautiful white sand beaches and spectacular sunrise. I guess everybody wants to rise up in the morning in this place just to witness its breath taking sunrise and sunset. The beautiful scenery will make you fall in love in this place. You can also locate the famous Skopelos chapel where many wedding vows happened, which actually a very romantic place to say “I Do”.
Europe is a land of beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history and traditions. Some of their old beliefs are still prevalent and were actually preserved for a long time even during the eve of modernity.

This is the aspect of Europe that we wish to be retained. The majestic place and the people living in Europe are all part of the package that made this continent very inviting and enticing. Sharing good moments with the people in Europe is also something that you have to look forward to hen visiting. The people are kind and welcoming, and they are most willing to share their culture as well. The stunningly beautiful and scenic places in Europe is a heritage left to us to be protected and admired.

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