Top 7 Small Multi Tools For Travelers

Top 7 Small Multi-Tools For Travellers

Traveling is a hobby that is shared by many. Every traveler needs to have a checklist on their traveling gear so as to ensure that every important traveling gadget has been packed. When it comes to outdoor gear, multi-tools are no doubt a backbone piece to this. They are so useful that every traveler should at least have one in their traveling bags. If you are planning on having an outdoor excursion and you are wondering on which small multi-tools to settle for, this article is dedicated to you. It provides a list of the top multi-tools, why they are the best out there and also provides you with links on where you can buy them from.

Leatherman Skeletool

This is a multipurpose tool that can be used for a number of outdoor activities ranging from woodworking, landscaping, camping and drywalling among other tasks. It has everything an outdoor traveler needs. A bottle opener, a pocket clip, bit driver, pliers, a blade- everything you might need is incorporated into this one tool. It gives a very secure grip on whatever bit or nut that you are holding. It also allows for a wide variety of standard adapters/bits. Its other great benefit is its size. It is small and very portable. It can be accommodated even in the smallest of outdoor traveling bags. Its weight is similar to that of your folding knife, and as such, you can carry it everywhere with you and with ease. It is currently selling at $70- $ 100 in travel equipment stores within the US.

Victorinox Alox Cadet

Judging from the many positive reviews this product has continued to receive from Amazon (, it is to nobody’s surprise that it had to appear in this list. This multi-tool is cheap, it has just the right accessories and it is currently selling at a very customer friendly price. For only $41 from Amazon, you can add this gadget to your shopping list. This tool is a great way of “saving” your other expensive knives from dirty tasks. It is the best solution for outdoor travelers who do not want to carry knives and pliers. The handle scales are just perfect, especially if you go for the silver brand.

Gerber Dime

This is another best value multi-tool in the world of travel gear. Its design is first rate, and it has been designed to take care of your everyday travel needs. It is fitted with all the handy basic tools such as the scissors, a blade, a wire cutter and pliers. Made with the best material out there, it does not easily bend and its pliers can support every weight that is applied on them. Its small size makes it work great as your everyday carry. Selling currently at Amazon for only twenty dollars, this tool is surely a great deal.


The Gerber Shard

It is one of the most unassuming and the simplest multi-tool that the gear market has to offer as of now. It is also one of the most useful. Selling at around five to eight dollars, this tool is a bargain that you must have. It comes complete with a 3D Phillips driver, a very unique feature among tools of this category. The Gerber Shard has a pry function as well as a bottle opener. Its sharp tip is great and it can be improvised as a fishing line cutter. The fact that the tip is not a blade is another pro since this tool can be carried on in airplanes. Last but not the least, it has a nice attachment point which gives room for a number of options, such as the 550 accord to split rings.

The Leatherman Wave

This multi-tool has been nicknamed the “Honda Accord” of the multi-tool world, and it is extremely easy to know why. The steel blade measures 154 centimeters, making it better than your average multi-tool gear. Screw drivers, a file, scissors, a saw, pliers and blades are some of the great accompaniments of this precious little tool. The blades can be accessed externally, giving the tool an upper hand over its other competitors. This tool can be used for a number of outdoor activities such as peeling fruits, sharpening other outdoor tools, holding keys among others. It is inexpensive and it can be bought here Fans love it because of the tool’s well-rounded designs and features.

The Leatherman Style PS

Of all the available multi-tools in the market, the Leatherman PS is the only one having pliers which are not semi, but full. You can easily carry it on airplanes with no problem at all. The absence of a blade in this tool makes it to be TSA compliant. This is surely the best tool when it comes to cutting stuff, thanks to its very sharp tiny scissors. Multi-tool fans always appreciate a tool that combines scissors and pliers, and this tool does just that. With several other features such as a screwdriver, a bottle opener, tweezers and a file added, this is your “have it all” tool for all your outdoor travel needs. It can be used for a dozen purposes such as removing bottle corks, picking substances and thanks to the presence of a screwdriver, it can be used to open electronic devices such as phones and radios.

Spyderco Clipitool Driver

This tool is produced by the multi-tools mega giant Victorinox. This gem of a multi-tool comes in a comfortably small size which makes portability very easy. It has a screwdriver, a bottle opener and a blade. It combines quality, high technology and versatility, giving you a user experience that only it can give.

Now you know the top seven small multi-tools and equipment that you should get for your next travel plans. If one does not work for you, or does not fit your needs, try the others! You will be surprised at how handy these tools will be when you carry them with you.

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