Top 5 Gps Apps For Travellers

Top 5 Gps Apps For Travellers

Travelling is indeed a fun experience for many but what do you do when you lose track and do not know where to turn to for help? Would you rather halt your journey just to get a Good Samaritan who will give you directions? That was applicable in the past but with the advancing technology evidenced in today’s world, all that has changed. Most of the gadgets have navigation systems installed in them. Now, one can travel anywhere in the world by simply using a GPS app to direct him or her instead of asking around at every station.

1. Waze
This navigation app comes in handy in snarled up routes. Getting the app saves you from many road-related delays: traffic jams, traffic police flagging you down for unnecessary reason and many more. Through that, it has made driving fun and even made one explore other roads that you knew not about.

The app has also brought up a community of drivers who alert each other on what’s going down in a particular route. This way, it promotes a healthy relationship among drivers of all kinds; and that is just a step to making this world a better place to live in.

How does it work?
The Waze app has helped lots of drivers worldwide. For accuracy, the app has to be turned on while driving so that it can lead you through. The data too is of much concern since without it; Waze will be of no help to you. It also has with it a voice which directs you to anywhere you could wish to go. What makes it very interesting is the voice behind that app since it speaks in such a hilarious manner which makes your ride a fun filled experience. It could also warn you of impending danger like potholes and even refer to you some of the nearest gas stations or restaurants.


2. Komoot
Komoot app is best preferred for leisure activities like cycling and hiking. It provides one with an opportunity to take a look at different terrains. The app has all it takes to make your travel adventurous. With a voice-enabled tracking system, it shows you where to tread on and places to avoid. It gives you detailed information and never leaves out any which makes it more fantastic as it is straight to the point. With Komoot, you are privileged to know how much time you have left to reach your destination and also a breakdown of your speed at the moment as well as the distance you have so far covered.

What makes it more efficient and effective is that you don’t have to bother yourself with data details of the place since it can work even in remote places with no internet connection at all. It also acts as a sharing app where your fellow adventurers get to notify you of fantastic places to visit as they get to share their travelling experiences through the app.


3. Google maps
They are the best when it comes to navigating through unknown places. Their directions are precise and easy to understand devoid of any complexities. Before reaching the designated location, you will have known exactly how it looks like since it shows to you a photograph of it even before you arrive there. A lot of users of this app have written back commending it how it has been of much help to them. Google maps delivers to you directions of all places: streets, routes, buildings and many more. It doesn’t have to be necessarily for pedestrians alone.

This way, one gets to know some other buildings nearby which you could opt to visit. Travelling has never been this easy. With the following steps; you will be good to hit the road and get to wherever you would want to be. First, the app needs to know your starting point and your destination place. It also provides you with the options of how you would like to travel and will finally bring all the directions you need to arrive at your location. Infact, the updated version of Google maps enables you do various things with it through the settings.


4. CoPilot
This is another app to direct you to various places at no costs at all. It has helped a lot as they have attested to it. Its properties are what draw a lot of people into buying them. There is no need for internet connection for it to function. It works best offline. Also, the expense accompanying it isn’t much of a bother since it has a lot better than bad. For updates, it gets to do so it at no price at all which is great. Once you familiarize it with your frequent routes, it will slowly become accustomed to it and will even display it automatically when you turn for that road. It also lets you know once you exceed the speed limit. This way, it helps remind the driver that he or she could lose his life due to negligence. The set destination is where it will definitely lead you to with not having to stop at unplanned stations without your consent.

If one needed to stop at a certain place before leaving for the exact location, CoPilot could let you do that so long as you include it before the journey commences. It also helps put you in the know of gas stations, restaurants or anywhere you could wish to refresh yourself.


5. inRoute
This voiced app enables one to know what the weather is like in the place one wishes to visit. It keeps you out of trouble with weather related issues. It does this by referring to you some of the best routes to take in order to avert such obstacles. According to some reviews, inRoute has all that a traveler should know in terms of directions and weather. It not only applies to driving but also other modes of transport like walking.


For a long time now, GPS has made travelling as easy as counting 1 2 3. It also promotes safe driving and helps curb accidents which could arise due to negligence. Another great thing about the apps is that it is easily accessible and does not require much to understand how it works. They are designed in such a way to make it easy for the user to understand all the basic techniques accompanying it.

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