Top 5 Go Pro Cameras for your journey

Top 5 Go Pro Cameras for your journey

If you are keen on capturing those perfect moments of life as a professional photographer or an amateur it is important for you to choose the right camera. With so many choices and options being available today, choosing the right one could often be a tough and difficult task. This is because there are many brands and models of cameras available in the market. Each one of them has its own unique properties, features and functions. While some are expensive, there are others which are affordable and suit the budgets of many.

If you are keen on choosing the right camera which is a good companion for your travel and various other occasions, it would not be a bad idea to have closer look at the much talked about Go Pro range of cameras. These cameras have been around for a long time. Over the decades they have earned a name for them by coming out with some of the best cameras which have been specially designed for those who are not experts in photography. On the other hand they also have some great models which are liked by hardcore professionals who are photographers. We will over the next few lines have a look at five such models of Go Pro Cameras. We hope this will help customers to have a reasonably good idea about what to look for when buying such cameras.

GoPro HERO4 Silver
This is a quality hand held camera which comes with a number of attractive and exciting features. We will look at a few of the features which perhaps are unique and make it stand apart from many similar models. The Built in touch display is a big takeaway as far as this camera is concerned. It also has the best of playback and shot-framing capabilities. It also comes with a dependable and high resolution 1080p60 and 720p120 video.

They are capable of capturing 12 MP photos and they can accommodate up to 30 frames per second. It also has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support along with the GoPro App, smart remote and many other such useful features. It offers improved camera control and the inbuilt video trimming helps users to come out short videos and save the clips in the camera. It also has the best of annual control because of the Protune with Superview facility which enables users to capture the best of video and still pictures covering the widest angle possible with the best possible field of view. It comes with a dimension of 1.53 x 2.79 x 2.8 inches and weighs just 0.32 pounds. Works on the rechargeable battery and also has a USB cable.

GoPro Camera HERO+ LCD HD Video Recording Camera

Coming from the house of GoPro this model has quite a few interesting and exciting features making it a much sought after model. As is the case with most models of GoPro this model also comes with built-in touch display and the best of Hero+ LCD camera. Customers are extremely happy about its video imaging qualities and with the various other features like video trimming, auto low light, SuperView and other such facilities and features. It is durable and waterproof and has been built to withstand wild fluctuations in extreme climates and environmental situations. The built in wifi and Bluetooth enables easy transfer of images and videos across friends and relatives. It has a total dimension of 2.8 inches x 1.42 inches and 2.81 inches making it very easy to hold. The ergonomic design and an easily manageable weight of 0.28 pounds is also something which needs to be kept in mind.

GoPro HERO5 Black

Keen on capturing the most stunning still images and videos? Then it makes sense to go in for the much talked about GoPro Hero5 Black. It comes with a number of features and here are a few of them which makes it very unique and special. It has built in 4K video taking capabilities and it also is possible to capture 12MP photos using time lapse, burst and single modes depending on specific needs and requirements of customers. It is a highly durable and long lasting camera being waterproof up to 33 feet without the need for housing. It also is possible to preview and then playback the shots, apart from being able to change settings and trim the size of your footage.

GoPro HERO4 Action Camera Ready for Adventure Bundle

This well and truly is a complete and total camera with a number of interesting and exciting features. It comes with all the equipment that you need for that totally fulfilling camera clicking experience and therefore it would be interesting to look at a few of the features which are worth remembering and recalling. It has a big list of accessories and tools ranging from card reader, memory card wallet, SDXC memory card, lens cleaning kit, beach camera cloth and HDMI. The takeaway is the high performing 64GB memory card. It is smaller and lighter than previous models and the low profile frame makes it customer friendly and easy to use. It is possible to capture the best quality pictures and videos using 1440p30 and 1080p60 videos. One can also capture time lapse photos, 8MP single photos and much more using the camera. The time lapse photos can be set to time limits ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds.

GoPro HERO Session

If you are looking for a camera for a happy-go-lucky sort of photographing session, you certainly must have a closer look at GoPro Hero Session. It has been designed and made for those who believe in a grab and go sort of a facility. The camera is waterproof and has a compact design. It weights just around 2.6 oz making it an easy to carry around quite easily. It comes with easy one button control which powers the camera. It is designed to withstand extreme climatic and environment conditions. It is waterproof up to 10 meters and no housing is required. The video quality is also of the highest quality and can record the best quality images at 1440p30, 1080p60 apart from being able to record 720p100 video. It also can capture 8MP single photos and also 0.5 to 60 second time-lapse photos. It has some of the best accessories and gadget supports making it a well and truly quality for money buy.

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