Top 10 Pieces of Equipment for Traveling in Winter

Top 10 Pieces of Equipment for Traveling in Winter

We all need certain items to take with us when we travel. You go to the beach, you need your swimsuit, mask, snorkel and fins. You go to the mountains; you take shorts and hiking boots and a canteen. So, when you travel in the winter you must think more about survival than you do in the warmer weather, so there are specific things you need to take with you when you travel in the winter, and below is listed the top ten items.

1. When outdoors in sub-zero temperatures, you want to make sure all your body is covered to prevent risk of frostbite. While we lose 7-10% of body heat from our heads, according to a 2008 report in BMJ, we still need to keep it covered to stay warm. One of the best hats to keep most of your face warm is the 2018 New Mysuntown Winter Trooper Unisex hat. This hat replicates the Russian style trooper hat. It has a flock lining that provides warmth, and ear flaps that button at the chin for maximum protection from the wind and cold. They are unisex so men and women can wear them.

2. The next piece of equipment to think about are boots. Keeping feet warm and dry is essential for survival in the winter. For men and women it is the North Face Men’s ChilKat II insulated boot. It is rated for -25 degree weather, is waterproof and insulated. It has an icepick snow traction rubber sole, and a Dri-Lex fleece collar. They sell on Amazon for between 59.09 and $145.99.

3. Number three comes in with heated insulated boot socks from Polar Extreme. They are 7x warmer than your typical cotton sock. They are moisture wicking to ensure your feet stay dry and warm. They come in four colors for men and seven colors for women. Price range from $9.99 for women and $11.99 for men.

4. An essential piece of equipment if you are traveling by car is an all-weather emergency kit. This could mean the difference between life and death. AAA, 66-piece severe weather road kit is a compact road kit that includes a folding shovel, an aluminum flashlight,3 batteries, a 3-piece fleece set (gloves, scarf, and hat), 2 hand warmers, a blanket and a 45 piece first aid kit. The kit costs $38.59 on Amazon.

5. A good warm coat is number five on the list. Helly Hansen Icefall Down Jacket comes in as one of the warmer lightweight coats on the market. This Jacket has earned a ranking of 5 stars with its customers on Amazon. They come in an array of colors for men and women. Purchase price is between $150-$300.

6. The next thing on the list that is essential to keep warm is a good pair of gloves. Keeping your digits warm is essential to keeping you digits safe in freezing temperatures. A good glove for this is the Metog winter Men and Women’s Outdoor Sport gloves. This glove is made of 95% polar fleece and 5% spandex, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes for men and women. They have touch screen fingers and are slip proof.

7. Another excellent piece of equipment to have with you in the winter is a good pair of snowshoes. If you get stuck somewhere in very deep snow, it is super difficult to walk through with just boots on. Don a pair of snowshoes and it makes getting through the snow much easier. The brand of snow shoe that comes highly recommended is the MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe. It is lightweight and durable. They are good on most any terrain and the bindings allow them to fit any footwear. They come in 22 inch and 25 inch.

8. Number eight is a good warm thin snow pant. For women, a good warm yet thin snow pant is the Wantdo. They come in sizes X-Small to Large, and are available in 5 colors. They cost $35.98 on Amazon.

9. The ninth piece of equipment that you should have in the winter is the Barocook flameless cookware tumbler. If you are snowshoeing in the woods, driving through a snow storm or ice skating on a nearby lake it would be great to have access to warm soup. With the tumbler, you simply activate the heat pack and heat up whatever is in your tumbler. It is light weight and easy to use. The heat packs can be discarded in any trash can as they are bio-degradable. They sell for $24.99 on Amazon and the tumbler comes with 6 heat packs.

10. Last but not least on the list of top ten pieces of equipment to have with you while traveling in the winter is a good knife, pliers’ utility tool such as the Best Skeleton Multi tool 24 in 1. It has pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, folding blade knife, serrated edge knife, can and bottle opener, metal file, ruler, screwdriver with 11 attachable bits with magnetic connector, bit holder, scraper blade and awl. It is the perfect tool for surviving, camping and hunting. It is stainless steel and comes with a free sheath. It can be purchased on Amazon for $11.80.

So, this is the list of recommended top ten items to have with you when you travel in the winter months. Some of the equipment and gadgets are so affordable you should not hesitate to purchase them. No matter if you are on the road or having some fun in the snow on a mountain, the things that matter most are the things that keep you safe and warm. All the items on this list fit that bill. Find them all on Amazon, and find them today!

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