The safest country in Europe to visit

If you want to base your next vacation on where you’re going to feel safest, then Iceland might be the place to visit. It’s on top of this year’s Global Peace Index – for the 11th year in a row. It looks at factors like crime rates, terrorist attacks, murder rates, weapon imports and exports, rates of people being incarcerated, corruption and the government functioning.

The island’s crime rates are tiny, with just 1.8 murders per 100,000 people per year in a population of 300,000. Iceland also has no military, which means less risk of war, and its police are also not armed. However, there are other European countries in The top 10 safest countries in the world:

2. Austria

The romantic castles simply leave you astounded. The Schloss Durnstein provides a magnificent view besides the River Danube. A 10% tip should be paid to the taxi drivers, which is customary here. Wurm and Kock provide cruise passenger service. Along with the cruise trip, packages include staying at a hotel. Check out, beforehand, for the offer. There are many Ferry service providers too. Music and art are in full flare here after centuries of hardship and innovation. That explains Vienna being the birthplace of Mozart. Horse dances are also part of these festivals.

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3. Portugal

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The best thing about Portugal is that despite being a part of modern Europe one can still find the rural dwellings which have stood by time and has preserved its traditions. While modern architectural marvels like high-rise resorts dot the coast in the Southern province of the Algarve, Lisbon on the west coast, on the other hand, is a crowded city home to many fine tourist resorts. If you want to go back in time you have to just travel few miles north or east where you will see scenic countryside still resemble medieval villages and towns of earlier centuries.

4. Denmark

Statistically, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world, meaning that visitors have little to worry about in terms of crime and women need not fear harassment in public nearly as much as they do in the United States. Still, if you visit this Scandinavian country, follow a few basic safety precautions so that you don’t give petty thieves an easy target.

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“You’re not getting old, you’re getting better” is a phrase that is aptly applied to Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town. Located in Jutland, Ribe was founded in 700 as a Viking marketplace; its town hall is the oldest in the country. It was built in 1496, though it didn’t see duty as a town hall until 1709. There is much to see in Ribe, from its quaint half-timbered medieval buildings to Ribe Cathedral, the first Christian church in Denmark. You can explore its Viking heritage or make the rounds with the night watchman in the summer. Nearby is the ecological treasure Wadden Sea National Park

5. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is divided into two parts based on geographical and cultural classification. They are Bohemia and Moravia. Bohemian cities and towns are popular for their spas and wine vineyards. The Castle District (Hradèany) – It has some of the best churches and museums. It also has some beautiful gardens, fortifications, and state apartments also. Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) – This is one of the most popular tourist spots of the city and should not be missed.

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6. Ireland

The summers are warm and the winters are moderate with some snow. May and June are the sunniest months. Weather changes quite frequently from cloudy to sunny and vice versa. If planning the visit during the summer, lightweight woolen or cotton clothes are recommended and jacket for spring and autumn. Always carry raincoat for that untimely showers. Most of the locals prefer speaking English here. Handshaking is customary. Irish are social people and are good at having a lively chat even with strangers. People live in great harmony and make great friends. Foreigners are welcomed with warmth and are made to feel at home. Guests are never sent back empty stomach as food is always served at any time of the day.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland is blessed with all the bounties of nature. It is the most preferred tourist destination among all the countries in the world. The Alps region has cold weather most of the times, whereas the summers are warmer in the northern area. Visit Saas Fee to ski and snowboard. Dream of living in real life igloo can come true as many resorts, like Zermatt and St Moritz (which is a celebrity resort), had them built for their customers. One can move around in casuals but it is important to dress in warrant jackets and ties when attending social gatherings or when eating out at a fine restaurant.

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8. Sweden

Beautiful and clean, peaceful Sweden is a land of cultural diversity with a mix of Danish and Wild Arctic North influences. One can also get the feel of urban living in its beautiful and sophisticated cities and at the same time, one can feel the tranquility in the countryside. Sweden is full of charm with scenic medical villages, islands, lakes, and forests dotting its landscape. Stockholm The biggest city and capital of Sweden and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The old town is a treat for your eyes and a walk around cityís waterways and parks is an experience to cherish. Most visitors prefer walking around on foot and visit the medieval part of Gamla Stan. The city is basically constituted by archipelagos which are outstandingly scenic and can be explored by cruises.

9. Norway

A Nordic country lying on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula is located in Northern Europe. Norway is an outstandingly beautiful country with a long coastline, snowy mountains, and breathtaking fjords. Oslo is the capital of Norway, and also the largest city. Norway is bestowed with lots of natural beauty encompassing wild forests, historic towns, and beautiful fishing villages. The country is very hospitable to the tourists and people are very friendly too. Many tourists are attracted by the famous midnight sun of the Arctic.

10. Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is the most influential country in Europe. It has witnessed the most controversial facts of history like Nazism, the Holy Roman Empire and the building and demolition of the Berlin wall. With many magnificent castles, it has wealth of art and culture. German is the widely spoken language in German, but outsiders can find many English speaking locals especially in the common tourist destinations.

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