The Five Most Common Problems That Can Occur When We Travel

Naturally, we know that life involves risks. Travelling is no different, so we will discuss the five most common problems that often occur on our travels.
Of course, this article is written with the intention that these do not happen to us and we know we can always prevent them. Here you go!:

1. Lost or stolen documents
One thing that often happens is that either we lose or someone steals our wallet with all the money and necessary travel documentation. This means we should try to take good care of everything we take with us and ensure we do not lose our documentation. Of course, we must also aim to put our money and valuables, including documents, in a hotel safe.
Even at times when we need a locker or a place to leave our objects we still have to travel with our tickets in an accessible place, and that’s not good. We could lose them. We have previously mentioned electronic tickets. So what else can we do?
Our advice is primarily to keep calm and not panic. If you lose documentation the first thing you should do is look for the Embassy or Consulate of your country in your destination.
They certainly can help you with everything you need and even calm you down; they’ll probably help you call home and simply make you a pass so you can travel without a passport. And, if you have had things stolen, don´t forget to visit the police station to make a complaint as a record of insurance for what you’ve lost.
2. Losing your luggage at the airport
Airports: people, stress and many calls at the last minute. If we lose our luggage at the airport the first thing to do is go to the counter of the airline in question to complete a claim form and present your boarding pass.
Sure, they are not machines and are not always going to solve the problem instantly; there are times you have to wait a few days. Therefore, we always recommend that all the absolute essentials such as valuables, documents, money or medicine are in a place kept near to hand.
3. Overbooking in hotel
When you arrive at a hotel and it is full and you have not been warned in advance you need to change to another hotel of the same or better standard than you had reserved. Maybe a travel rep from the company you booked with can help.
You should be reimbursed removal costs if relevant and if they refuse to offer a service of equal or greater value or quality, you must make a complaint at reception and get things in writing. Travel insurance is essential to have in this case.
4. Illness abroad
It is very important especially when you travel outside Europe that you have travel insurance. When travelling through Europe we have the EHIC to present when we attend the emergency room or health centre or hospital. Even then, we may have to pay a small amount. But if you travel outside Europe, such as to the United States, think what will happen if you break your arm, for example. Medical bills can be very high and may catch you unawares but rather you should ensure you are covered for this painful event. Therefore, health insurance is really proper to be ¨on the safe side¨.

But always be in the hands of medical help even if you have the necessary resources to assist your recovery. And, note that sometimes you may need a document stating you are ‘fit to travel’.

5. Longing for food from your own country
In Travelling Europe we like to add a touch of our therapeutic sense of humour. What if you visit a beautiful country but miss your regular food from back home?
Why do you think the first things students abroad ask their parents for when they later visit them are sausage and ham? At least in Spain!

We leave you with this thought. Without wishing to be too proud about your own country, mind how you get along!

Editing by: Catherine Parker

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