The 5 Top Travel Duffel Bags this Season

The 5 Top Travel Duffel Bags this Season : Meet the Perfect Travel Partner

The travel time can happen at any time of the year for the family. Based on the season of travel and the age group of travelers, the equipment can vary from the travel pillow, bug spray to sleeping bags. In this special edition from Fox check out the comparisons of some travel equipment that can bring the best value to consumer decision.

Be Travel happy!!
There are lots to choose from for every budget and size. The comfortable, easy to pack bags with shoulder straps and excellent pockets help organize travel items efficiently. The super durable bags with daisy chains, grab loops are a perfect travel companion. There are ample colors available in duffel selection this year. The options are:

1.The Trim Travel Tote Duffel from S-ZONE
The fashionable duffel bag boasts of versatility as it is for both genders. The canvas and top quality genuine leather bag are lightweight and durable. It offers lots of space for the last minute shoving in of items. The Trim travel tote is available in fashionable yet rugged colors that one would love to flash as the style statement. You can use it for weekend travel or any other casual travel that involves quick packing and leave the scene.

2.Bago Travel Duffel Bag for Men & Women
Are you planning to travel and also don’t want to give up on your gym travel accessories? Then Fox finds a colourful travel duffel bag from Bago is a perfect choice. To say the least, this is a reliable and essential travel companion as it ensures you do not miss out on any of your morning workouts. It is a large travel duffel bag with 85-liter capacity. The good news is it can fold up and become super small if you just decide to dump your stuff on the way back. The 30×32 dimension makes easy storing quite a game.

3. Samsonite: Tote-a-ton 33 Inch Duffle: Another masterpiece

The 33-inch travel duffel bag from Samsonite can be hand washed, which makes it ideal for larg family trips. Now isn’t that a blessing? It is 100% Nylon, 17” wide with zippered interiors so as to keep the contents safe and intact. The duffel bag is available in quite a few mouth-watering colors.

4.Kenox Travel Tote: Oversized Canvas Luggage Weekend Duffel Bag
Now you want to travel over the weekend yet have lots to pack in? Then this is the perfect travel duffle bag one can consider. Its oversized dimensions of 20.5*12*10 inches and multiple pockets have a lot to do with its popularity. It also comes in a wide array of colors and the sizes differ as well.

5.The large Everest Sporty Gear Bag – Large
The budget travelers will find this option quite suitable, according to Fox. The duffel bag is economical and available in a wide range of colors. This broad capacity bag is made of polyester and has zipper closures. Some pockets have mesh designs, meticulously added to spark its hostile yet gentle appearance.

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