[Spain] Top 7 places a good time is almost guaranteed

Spain could be Europe’s most extraordinary country. From heartfelt flamenco and delicious food to cutting edge architecture and cities, Spain is a boggling blend of mixing and frequently curious traditions, live-for-the-minute indulgence and an eagerness to grasp the future with a steadily adventurous soul. Here are the top 10 places a good time is almost guaranteed… so you better book early before it’s full.

Nostalgic feelings in Salamanca

Known as Spain’s “golden city,” Salamanca is rich in architectural, religious and gastronomic culture. Marvel at the La Casa de las Conchas (house of shells) and the 18th century Plaza Mayor, then pore over the fresh produce of the Central Market. Both the Old and New Cathedrals of Salamanca are celebrations of Renaissance and Gothic styles. One of the most charming squares in Spain, Plaza Mayor is the heart of Salamanca and an excellent example of Baroque architecture. Enjoy a walk around the exterior terraces, savour an ice cream or relax in one of the picturesque restaurants

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Watch sunset & sunrise in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is located in Gran Canaria, the third-largest island in the Canaries’ archipelago, but accounts for almost half the population. It lives up to its cliché as a continent in miniature, with a dramatic variation of terrain, and beautiful sandy beaches, ranging from the green and leafy north to the mountainous interior and desert south. To glean a sense of this impenetrable quality, head to the centre, where the sheer drama of the mountains more resembles the Tibetan highlands than a relatively small island.

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Taste the Spanish vodka in valencia

The most famous alcoholic drink of Valencia is a mix of cava, orange juice, vodka and gin. Agua de Valencia is a perfect use of Valencia’s oranges and a great refreshment during your break on hot sunny afternoons. It was apparently concocted by a barman who was challenged to invent an alternative to what regulars called ‘Agua de Bilbao’ – aka cava. It has three types of alcohol and the all-important local ingredient – orange juice. Try it as an aperitif or a celebratory tipple: that bubbly will make your visit feel extra special, ask for Agua in the bar of Caro Hotel

Celebrate Easter in Seville

Return to Spain’s medieval Christian roots and join Seville’s masses for the dramatic Easter celebration of Semana Santa. Religious fraternities parade elaborate pasos (sculptural representations) of Christ around the city to the acclamation of the populace. Visitors from all over Spain and many foreigners are present in Seville for the Semana Santa celebrations. The festival goes way beyond a merely religious event and is a fantastic time to be in the city but be sure to book accommodation well in advance as hotels get fully booked months earlier.

Tour La Rioja wine country

Get out the glasses for La Rioja and for the absolute best red wines created in the nation. Wine runs well with the locale’s ochre earth and immense blue skies, which appear to be undeniably more Mediterranean than the Basque greens further north. The heft of the vineyards line Rio Ebro around the town of Haro, however broaden likewise into neighboring Navarra and the Basque territory of Alava. La Rioja wine moves on and off the tongue easily, by name and in addition taste. All wine fanciers know the acclaimed wines of La Rioja, where the vine has been developed since Roman occasions. The locale is exemplary vine nation and vineyards cover the hinterland of Rio Ebro.

Going out for Tapas

This is unquestionably one of the Spanish traditions you’ll adore most. Furthermore, that is on the grounds that going out for tapas doesn’t just mean going from bar to bar having a Caña (a little glass of lager) and different bits of regular dishes. It is additionally an incredible method for finding a huge number of bars with an extraordinary air, brimming with individuals having a ton of fun, and of participating in what is extremely an entire lifestyle. Take a stab at requesting a Chato (a squat glass of wine), a Sangria, a Tinto de Verano (actually “summer red wine”, or wine weakened with bubbly lemonade), a Pulga (smaller than normal sandwich)… After doing the rounds of the Tapas bars, you’ll feel fit as a fiddle for going moving.

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Real relaxation at Malaga

It rarely gets really cold in Malaga, and it is often warm enough to sit at pavement cafés during the day even in December and January. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit. Although not as well known as Seville Holy Week, the Easter processions are among the most important in Spain.

It’s very common in Malaga to see gatherings of people enjoying a drink and chatting and laughing together in the bars from about 10 in the evening, and then on until the small hours of the morning. Not only that, but thanks to the mild temperatures, in spring and summer almost all the venues have an outdoor terrace where customers can sit outside and enjoy their drinks. The most popular days for going out are Fridays and Saturdays.


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