Perfect Tree Tent for an Adventurous Trip

A Guide to Choose the Perfect Tree Tent for an Adventurous Trip

Do you love trekking or camping out in the wild? Tree tents are a must have accessory for such expeditions. Adventurers around the world constantly expose themselves to dangerous snakes and bugs while spending their night in the woods. Tree tents offer great protection and gives people a lot more freedom. All you need is to find three trees that are slightly apart in a triangle formation. You don’t have to think of how wet or cold the terrain might be because tree tents hang in the air; away from any such hazards. The best part is that your camping experience will be unique. Here we compare the top 4 tree tents in the market:

The T-mini tree tent
People use the T-mini for two reasons:

  • As an entry level hammock
  • As an extra flooring for other tree tents

It is very cheap and comes with a mere $150 price tag. It is perfect for two campers to share a night. As a secondary flooring, it provides extra insulation and protection from below. It is probably the smallest tree tent in the market and has only one ratchet. It also does not offer any roofing mechanism. It is better you opt for another tree tent in case you are exploring areas famous for mosquitoes. Though, it lacks on features, the quality it promises at this price is amazing.

The Flite tree tent
It is the most lightweight tree tent available in the market. If you are hiking or planning to explore deep into the woods, this is the perfect choice. You won’t even realize you are carrying it. It also comes with just one ratchet so as to reduce the weight. It has an insect mesh on top to protect you from bugs and mosquitoes. It has two doors and the rainfly can be pegged in the ground below which converts in into a multi storeyed tent. Another feature is that its flaps can be folded to provide extra buffer against strong winds or during cold conditions. It is priced at just $350.

The Stingray tree tent
This is the most comprehensive tree tent available. It is immensely dependable and outright cosy. It is large and apt for three adventurers. It has a big front door and a floor hatch. It comes with a rip resistant insect mesh and can also be converted into a multi storeyed tent with an extra porch by pegging the rain fly to the ground below. If hooked to the central hatch, it acts like an extra wind and thermal buffer. It can have up to two hatchets. Even though it is a high end tree tent, it is modestly priced at $650.

The Connect tree tent
This tree tent is a cross-over of the Stingray and the Flite. It is a two-person tree tent like the Flite and thus lighter than the Stingray. This is the best tree tent for two. It has almost all the features of the Stingray and comes at a staggering low price of $450. It is undoubtedly a mouth-watering bargain for a couple.

Remember, for every tent you buy, Tentsile has promised to plant 3 trees. How about helping the planet while buying a new tent?

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