Italian Touch in Slovenia. You’ll Fall in Love With Piran.

You feel like you’re in Italy but you’re not there. In reality you are in a different country that has so much to offer. And right there, we will continue with our travels around Europe to teach you about another corner of Europe that is worth visiting. Go there, do not just keep reading, because only then can you discover the next jewel of the Adriatic coast where many travellers return and want to return to enjoy their holidays and celebrate life.

This time we go to Slovenia, to the southwest of the country, on the Adriatic coast. And, our destination is a most beautiful city in all the Slovenian Riviera, called Piran.

Before coming to Piran you should know that you can´t enter the city by car. Only residents are allowed to do so. You have to leave your car parked outside the city in a parking area.
When you enter, the first thing that you’ll notice is the great influence of the city of Venice, because the structure of

Piran is really very similar. Narrow streets, squares, churches and houses built one on another. And all that accompanied by the beaches where every summer Slovenes relax together with the many tourists, the majority of whom are from Europe.

The site of the most visited and famous landmark is Tartini Square. It is the treasure of the historic city centre and takes its name from the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini whose statue dominates the square.
In one of its corners you can find a red house with white ornamentation and a balcony, called Venetian House. Legend says it was built by a rich merchant for a girl with whom he fell in love. So he proved his love for her and declared it to the rest of the citizens by building her this house.

Views toward the Italian coast
Do you love the views and want to see everything like in a postcard scene? Then climb the hill above the town and visit the Church of Saint George (patron saint of Piran). By doing so, you get some of the best perspectives of the city and also the Italian and Croatian coasts.

Other scenic beauties are offered from the walls of Piran. It is true, there is some effort involved but it’s worth it, because these are the real-life views, not only those from photographers and journalists.

The walls surrounding the city played an important role in the past, which was primarily to protect Piran. Today Piran, thanks to the walls, is a member of the European Walled Towns.

Piran Aquarium
To further experience this part of Slovenia we should not forget to visit the aquarium. The aquarium of Piran has several tanks with artificial and natural light. So you can discover the underwater inhabitants such as octopus, sharks, lobsters and many more. It is an attraction that daily attracts many tourists as well as citizens to see the submarine world marvel. Admission for adults costs €5.

Piran offers much more. If you accept its invitation, you’ll recognise what it means to live the Slovenian seaside life. Walk through the romantic streets, see the medieval architecture, churches, museums and galleries, and experience the boardwalk and nightlife not only in the streets and squares of this coastal city. We encourage you not to stay just on the beach. Piran attracts you to discover more of its hidden corners. And you’ll love it.

Editing by: Catherine Parker

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