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In Europe Say Cheese

In France, enjoying the local cheese is part of the fabric of daily life. (photo: Michael Potter) At the Friday market in Alkmaar, carriers use
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Central and Eastern Europe’s best Christmas markets

Central and Eastern Europe's best Christmas markets 6th November 2013 If you're planning a winter break, don't overlook Central and Eastern Europe with its sleigh-full
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10 spectacular waterfalls you’ve probably never heard of

10 spectacular waterfalls you’ve probably never heard of 29th December 2016 They might not have big time name recognition like Niagara or Victoria Falls, but
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Europe’s Best Island Getaways

Memorable seaside views, whitewashed homes scrambling up the hillside, well-worn harborside cafés perfect for lingering — and no cars — all combine to make Hydra
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Which Travel Clothes Are Worth the Money?

If all you knew about traveling was what you saw on dedicated travel gear sites such as Magellans.com or TravelSmith.com, you might think that you
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15 of the best places to spend Christmas

15 of the best places to spend Christmas The world's most Christmassy places of 2016Honolulu, Hawaii – "Mele Kalikimaka" is the Hawaiian Christmas greeting made
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Pathfinders: best blogs, Instagram shots and videos from January 2019

This month's Pathfinders round-up includes a rundown of Prague's top attractions © Roman Borodaev / Shutterstock For many of us the first month of the
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Fox Reveals Central and Eastern Europe’s best Christmas markets

Central and Eastern Europe's best Christmas markets 6th November 2013 If you're planning a winter break, don't overlook Central and Eastern Europe with its sleigh-full
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5 best things to do with kids in Lisbon

5 best things to do with kids in Lisbon 27th February 2017 Charming and casual, with glorious beaches a short hop away, the Portuguese capital
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10 Tips for Holiday Travel

Planning to visit Grandma's for Thanksgiving or spend Christmas in Rome? Traveling over the holidays can be notoriously busy, expensive and stressful, but the news
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Turning European Meals into Memories

Standing at a bar with a sampler of tapas and chalkboard specials on the wall is a quintessential Spain experience. (photo: Rick Steves) For the
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Sunset Boulevards: Europe’s Top Evening Views

At the edge of Granada’s tangled Moorish quarter is a fine viewpoint for watching the sun set over the Alhambra, which seems to glow with
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7 adventure holidays your kids will love

7 adventure holidays your kids will love 28th November 2016 Forget the flop and drop. These exciting family adventures are guaranteed to keep the kids
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15 Tips for Flying With Kids

15 Tips for Flying With Kids by Chris Christensen categories: Uncategorized Our kids grew up with grandparents on opposite sides of the country, so before
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The Healing Power of travel

We talk a lot on this site about how to travel, where to travel and when to travel, but we don't often talk about why
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Easy Riders: Taxis and Ride-Sharing in Europe

To compete with ride-sharing services like Uber, London's famous black cabs must start accepting credit cards by October. (photo: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli) For an unforgettable
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Building a Travel Wardrobe

TweetDress by Encircled, Shoes by Toms, Hat and Jacket Secondhand I am ready to admit that I don’t have any fashion sense to speak of.
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Planning a Trip to Europe: Your 10-Step Guide

Before you can experience authentic Spanish tapas, piazzas in Rome or rooftop terraces in Prague, an important to-do list stands between you and your European
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First Trip to Europe? What to Expect

Most oversized room keys are designed to be left behind with your friendly receptionist. (photo: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli) Don’t overtip in Europe; most locals just
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What To Do in 5 of the Most Romantic European Cities

Thanks for following and reading Overland Travel Adventures from Go, See, Write Add to Flipboard Magazine. To me, there’s nothing more romantic than taking off
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Top 10 Packing Disaster Stories

We asked you, our well-traveled readers, to divulge your worst packing disaster stories. And it turns out most of you have experienced a packing setback
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How to Pack for a Winter Vacation

If you read travel publications and trawl the web for packing tips, you can find millions of words of sometimes commonsensical, sometimes scolding and generally
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9 Tips for Insanely Busy Travelers

Many frequent and hardcore travelers are extremely busy people. One type of traveler crams business and pleasure trips into single junkets. Another type corrals an
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10 Things Not to Do When Renting a Car

Renting a car is such a common part of the travel experience that you'd think the process would be straightforward and transparent -- yet somehow
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Top Travel Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

The best way to meet locals in Britain is to cozy up to them at the bar. (photo: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli) Don't dine anywhere with
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The world’s 9 best Christmas markets (that aren’t in Germany)

Bright, festive and a lot of fun, these 9 fabulous markets from around the world are proof that not all the best Christmas markets are
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Women Travel Tips

Would your husband rather sit at home watching football than go globetrotting with you? Are you single or divorced and looking to travel with a
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How to Plan Your Trip Abroad – 5 Trip Planning Steps

I am a notorious, non-planner. I book a flight and show up somewhere, knowing that I have time to develop an understanding of a place
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Experts: The Best Ways to Save for Vacation

You look at the calendar and sigh. A dream vacation seems impossible in the middle of bundling kids up for school, shoveling snow, and scraping
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7 alternative European winter city breaks that are cosy and affordable

Cosy and compact, packed with things to do, and offering all kinds of seasonal treats and delights, these small European cities are perfect for a
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8 Travel-Themed Holiday Gift Ideas for the Home

Not sure what to buy the traveler on your list this holiday season? While many gift guides offer ideas like luggage or neck pillows for
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European Sweet Treats

Fresh "pastels de nata" are easy to find at bakeries across Portugal. (photo: Rick Steves) Baklava is the traditional queen of desserts in Turkey. (photo:
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How much can you get for a cancelled flight?

Oddities Published on February 10, 2019 | by Andrea Guerriero How much can you get for a cancelled flight? According to research ordered by GIVT
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 1

Travelling through Europe is like travelling through a plethora of adventures, every country you come has its own unique food, language, culture and even though
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Europe’s Great Walled Towns

(Carcassonne, in the south of France, is the perfect medieval fortress-city. (photo: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli) The wall in Óbidos, Portugal, provides views over the town's
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Best Hidden Beaches around Europe

Top Hidden Beaches in Europe Best Hidden Beaches around Europe Date 11.07.2016 Article in pdf Beaches are one of the most popular vacation spots for
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The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad

The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad Christmas abroad often means missing friends and family. But it also means sunshine, adventure, parties, beaches and weird
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5 Winter Destinations for Those Who Love Winter

Winter Published on November 16, 2018 | by Andrea Guerriero 5 Winter Destinations for Those Who Love Winter King Winter can be a ruthless monarch,
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What Are The Most Important Things To Do In Your 20’S?

Your 20s are without any doubt your primetime during which you are supposed to broaden your horizons and there’s no better way to do that
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Making Europe’s Art Treasures Come Alive

Michelangelo's 'David' stands with the new-found confidence of Renaissance man. (photo: Rick Steves) Learning the stories behind Europe's great art, such as Rembrandt's 'Night Watch,'
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15 Things You Don’t Know About Vacation Rentals

Although vacation rentals have been around for a long time, it has never been easier for property owners to list lodgings and for travelers to
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Going Solo? How to Have Fun in Europe on Your Own

Many locals are eager to share their culture with an approachable traveler, such as at this Meetup dinner in Nice. (photo: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli) Traveling
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 2

Europe is a place of endless discoveries, perfect for group adventure and solitary walks, ideal for exploration and travel. It is the place where you
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The Five Most Common Problems That Can Occur When We Travel

18/09/2015 17:46 Naturally we know that life involves risks. Travelling is no different, so we will discuss the five most common problems that often occur
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Europe seasons, weather and climate: When to travel where

When is the best time to visit Europe weather-wise? Well… when is the best time to have a piece of chocolate or a leisurely nap?
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Six Reasons to Visit Europe in Winter

I'll never forget my first trip to Rome. It was early July; temperatures hovered in the high 80s, and spending each day jostling with crowds
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Travel Warnings and Advisories

These days, you're probably not planning a trip to Iraq or Afghanistan -- the United States and other developed nations are currently advising citizens against
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10 night trains you want to be on at midnight

If you’ve never done it before, spending the night aboard a train might seem a bit odd. For most, the driving factors for train travel
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Benefits of 1st class train travel in Europe

I boarded the first class carriage of Switzerland’s famous Glacier Express – possibly the most luxurious scenic train in Europe – and instantly felt out
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Carnival: Europe’s Wild Rites of Spring

A party animal in a papier-mâché mask celebrates carnival in Luzern, Switzerland, with her trumpet. (photo: Elena Bauer) Slovenian villagers dress as Kurents to scare
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15 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Solo

Solo travel is a growing and compelling mode of travel in the 21st century. As our daily lives become more fragmented and sometimes isolated, it
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Encountering Europe’s Living History, Face-to-Face

The struggles of the Norwegian people under the Nazi occupation are immortalized in this mural in Oslo's city hall. (photo: Rick Steves) Herr Rolf Jung,
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Best places to spend Christmas in Europe

From the sparkling conifers, to the midnight mass fabulousness, From the fragrance of rum cakes, to the welcome with a kiss! From the grins that
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The world’s 7 most unusual Christmas markets

Whether they involve floating on rivers, shooting arrows at patron’s bums or celebrating a strange, defecating log, these markets offer a unique and fun alternative
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Travel & Explore Europe part 3

Every year many people flock to Europe to enjoy the majesty and to explore this wonderful holiday destination. The beautiful mountains and hill peaks, European
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The Seven Cheapest Ways to Travel

One of the most common excuses for not traveling is not having enough money. But while globetrotting can be a pricey pastime, creative travelers can
Austria, Hints & Tips

The safest country in Europe to visit

If you want to base your next vacation on where you’re going to feel safest, then Iceland might be the place to visit. It’s on
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Multi-City Flight Searches

Traveling from Boston to London, then to Oslo for a few nights and then back to Boston can be a pain. You're not looking for
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11 Ways to Salvage a Trip if You Get Sick

Getting sick while traveling probably comes with the gig. Between last-minute stress before we leave, red-eye flights in an anything-but-sanitary environment, unfamiliar food and sleep
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Data Roaming for Americans on a European Vacation

Got an Unlocked Smartphone? Having an unlocked smartphone gives you the freedom to swap to a local SIM but it used to be a real