Fox Had a Trip to Neretva Valley

Thinking where to go and which places to visit during your stay in Croatia? Do consider making an excursion to Neretva Valley, a lovely spot close to the sea, embracing its visitors with natural sights and rich food offer. Even during colder season of the year, this part of Croatia can be a great spot for a visit, contributing to your experience of the country.

Croatia’s Neretva Valley is verdant, untouristified, and looks essentially as it did in the 1960s, when early unearthings started to uncover the Roman and Illyrian treasures inserted in its rich soil. Not at all like in close-by Dubrovnik, here worldwide inn networks haven’t hurried to receive benefits from the late spring vacationer downpour and cosmopolitan culinary specialists aren’t making combination food. Basic, agreeable convenience is the standard, frog, eel and new peppers on the menu at the natural eateries that line the delta.

What’s more, this is exactly how a specific kind of vacationer – a birdwatcher, say, or anybody upbeat to take a pontoon trip round the Neretva’s numerous lakes and trenches – likes it. Additionally the passage to Bosnia, the Neretva has made a critical memorable fascination from those uncommon antiquated finds, the Narona Archeological Museum.

And after you spend some time on the banks of Neretva River, continue your voyage to Komarna village on the coastline. Skilful local wine makers will surely have plenty of things to put on the table, and will gladly provide a tour of their cellars.

Our image gallery below proves every point.

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