Five Croatian Villas Waiting for Your Stay

Staying in a luxurious accommodation is always a nice way to experience your holidays. So far, we covered a wide range of Croatian villas, each of them being a perfect spot both for you and your company. In addition to class, many of them offer traditional vibe and feeling of old, rustic hospitality. Check out five of these fancy spots on Adriatic Sea below.

The Stone House of Vrgorac

Having approximately two centuries of age, this unique residence can be found in the tiny Dalmatian village of Gornji Orah. Renovated in the way that the owner used his own hands to crave the stones, it is a gorgeous site which is partly located in the very slopes of nearby mountain. Check out the image gallery of the place here.

The Flower Square Residence

Situated on the lovely Island of Vis, this villa can be found on the square dedicated to flowers. Renovated in accordance with island’s ancient architectural style, the accommodation resembles scenery from a fairy tale. Called Villa Artemis, it comes with five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large inner courtyard. Explore this addition to Croatian Villas in this article.

Sancta Maria, Pride of Motovun

The charming Istrian town called Motovun is known for its movie festival, but its villa called Sancta Maria could easily become its newest feature. One can find it on an elevated ground, providing a clear view of surrounding natural landscapes. A part of exclusive Conde Nast Jahansens Club, it is a well-founded investment in your holiday experience. Learn more, and consider booking your stay early.

The Haven of Slivnica

After receiving a notable estate from their grandfather, the new owners transformed it into a lovely tourist accommodation in Slivnica Village. Close to Zadar, and being in the heart of Dalmatian region, it features a fancy outdoor pool, while the interior is full of tiny details from the settlement’s past. Explore this unique house, and consider renting it during your next stay in Croatia.

The Mediterranean Konoba

If you venture into the settlement of Bol, you may want to stay in this cozy place. It used to be a traditional konoba tavern of Brac Island, but today, it serves as a potential vacation spot to many visitors of Croatia. Having a spar of a sailboat for central joist, it is really a unique place to stay in, not to mention that renowned beach of Zlatni Rat is in relatively close proximity. Check out the image gallery for more information on the subject.

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