Top 5 reasons to holiday in Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination visited every year by millions of holidaymaker who come to explore the country’s heritage and nature. From stunning landscapes to great food there are tens if not hundreds of reasons why so many people love this sunny country. brings the top 5 reasons why Spain remains one of the most popular European destinations for travelers worldwide.

Heritage – The Past Meets the Present

Spain is home to several historical sites that hold meaning to people all over the world. Granada’a Alhambra is Spain’s most visited sight. The mosque/cathedral of Cordoba is a beautiful piece of architecture famed for its 865 column prayer hall. This landmark was first built as a mosque but interestingly, it was later converted to a church owing to its location at a special spot for Christians.

The museums are another way to experience Spanish rich heritage. There are 20 museums in Madrid alone, where people come from far and wide to explore both ancient and modern art. The Museo Reina Sofia for example famously holds Guernica, one of Pablo Picasso’s important pieces.

Food – Elegant and Delicious

Once you tire of visiting the heritage sites it would do you good to try some local foods and beverages. You can enjoy tapas made of meat, fish or vegetables served with wine while standing at a local bar. Visitors do not have to go far into the markets to discover just how much the locals have preserved the art of traditional cooking despite the influences of modernity.

You should not leave Spain, one of the most popular European destinations for culinary travelers, without visiting the ham museum which will leave you stunned by the array of delicious hams that will literally melt in your mouth. There is so much food to try in Spain that you will need an entire trip to try most of it.

Festivals – Fiestas All Year Round

There is a festival happening in some part of this country all year round. The locals seem to find a reason to party in everything from tomatoes to religion. One of the most popular is the La Tomatina festival during which locals gather in August in the town of Buñol in Valencia to throw tomatoes at each other.

Another one is the April Fair, or “Feria de Abril” in Sevilla, which begins on a with lighting of bulbs in the fairway to mark the start of weeklong fun, food and the famous flamenco dancing.

Valencia city in the middle of March offers the visitors its biggest fiesta, Las Fallas. The city turns into a carnival of huge papier-mâché figurines, shows, fireworks, and bonfires. The world known festival ends with huge bonfires that burn all figurines through the night.

Beaches – Idyllic and Sandy

All the touring and exploration will leave you tired but you cannot retreat to your hotel room without taking to the beach. Spain is one of the European destinations where the lovers of sun and sea go every year. Its lovely sandy beaches together with the stunning backdrop of the vast ocean are a huge attraction especially for holidaymakers from cooler countries.

People come here to bask in the glorious sun or take to the waters for hours of uninterrupted relaxation. Moreover, Spain promises safe holiday, free from any attacks on tourists imminent in some other Mediterranean countries.

Pilgrimages – Ancient Routes

During the Middle Ages, Spain witnessed many Christian pilgrims heading especially to Santiago de Compostela – they famously followed a route that runs 800 kilometers from the Pyrenees to the shrine of St. James the Great. The St. James Trail is the most famous pilgrimage route in the country but there are others.

Ruta del Don Quijote, which is the route that heroes in a fiction novel by Miguel de Cervantes wandered, has also become a popular attraction for many visitors. Today, interested parties can retrace the hero’s travels on the 400 km route in La Mancha.

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