Where to Stay in Bran, Romania

DATE : August 30, 2017

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Nestled in the hills of Bran, Transylvanian Inn offers cozy, but spacious rooms and unbeatable views. Travelers visiting Romania head to Bran to see infamous Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle), which can be seen from many of the rooms at the inn and the restaurant’s balcony.

The inn has a modern cabin-like feel, with rich, wood trimmings and massive windows. For my money, the suite is the way to go, where you get your own Jacuzzi bathtub, balcony with views of the valley and castle and your own fireplace to cozy up to.

The full-service restaurant is more than just the view. They offer traditional Romanian dishes, as well as other European options for different palettes. And be sure to try their homemade Romanian liqueurs – brandies infused with local fruits.
Enjoy the (included) breakfast spread before heading to town. The hotel also offers to link you up to local tours. I highly recommend the fall season when you get incredible fall colors in the hills, but it isn’t too cold yet…


20 Reasons to Visit Romania

DATE : December 14, 2016

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Are you planning a trip to Europe and cannot decide which country to start with? Well, we can give you some good reasons why to set off on your European ventures in Romania!
Despite the fact Romania is usually off the limit for many travellers, this corner of the world has definitely some unknown secrets to discover and roads less travelled, if you look for this kind of holiday.
Moreover, if you’re an avid photographer or you want to improve your photography skills, we encourage you to join Nomad is Beautiful Photography Tour in Romania in August 2016!
During the 10 days workshop, you’ll explore the bucolic Bucovina, Transylvania and Maramures regions, you’ll get to remote villages and famous historical towns. You’ll be able to capture the beauty of country life, stunning landscape views and collect your stories from locals.
Apart from a specialized local guide, there will be your tutor, Gianni Bianchini, a professional photographer who’ll guide you and assist you throughout the to..