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Taking inspiration from the world’s great explorers on an adventure to Sagres, Portugal

DATE : February 20, 2017

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Taking inspiration from the world's great explorers on an adventure to Sagres, Portugal Knocked down by failure, NASA astronaut Mike Massimino travels to the 'end of the world', Sagres in Portugal, when his dreams of space are on the line – only to be inspired by the world's great explorers
NASA astronaut and author Mike Massimino had to overcome many obstacles in his ambition to go into space, his journey taking many unexpected turns. Here, in an extract from his book Spaceman, he recalls making a vital decision in his career during a trip to Sagres in Portugal…
Mike Massimino (Mike Massimino)
When I got home from blowing my qualifying exam, my completed NASA application was sitting there on my desk, like salt in my wound.
My first thought was “Well, that’s done.” Then I thought about it and decided to send it in anyway. I’d failed the test, but they were offering me another crack at it, and until I decided what to do, I was still a PhD candidate at MIT, a..