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Top Travel Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

DATE : December 14, 2016

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The best way to meet locals in Britain is to cozy up to them at the bar. (photo: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli) Don't dine anywhere with a menu printed in five languages, and a big, if hard-to-believe, promise in English: “No Frozen Food.” (photo: Rick Steves) Once, while riding the train into Dresden, Germany, I got off where most other passengers did — at Dresden Neustadt. After 20 minutes of walking in a confused fog, my denial that I had gotten off at the wrong station slowly faded. Embarrassed by my mistake, I hopped on the next train. Five minutes later, I got off at Dresden Mitte. As I stepped outside the station, it slowly sunk in: I had made the same mistake again. Another train came. I got on and finally made it to Dresden Hauptbahnhof — a block from my hotel.
Even after countless trips to Europe, I still make my share of blunders — I get lost, miss train connections, and get shortchanged by taxi drivers. But with each slip-up, I learn something. Now I make it a point to..