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Ladurée Quai des Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland

DATE : December 30, 2016

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The French luxury bakery Ladurée was founded in Paris in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée.
Today, the name is synonymous with the double-decker macaroon of which Ladurée stores around the world sell more than 15,000 per day. The brand now includes five segments from macaroons and chocolates to beauty, bath and body products.

Paris-based designer India Mahdavi has recently completed an entire Ladurée environment in the Four Seasons Hotel at the Quai des Bergues in Geneva in the hotel building that can trace its history back to 1834.

The patisserie, restaurant and tea room have a delicately appointed ambiance with their slightly faded hues of cold pink and moss green.

The checkered floor and white accents anchor the spaces and help them avoid the pitfalls of overly prissy and fussy. The round shape repeats itself in the furniture, lighting and corners echoing the softness and roundness of the macaroon. Tuija Seipell.


Museo degli Innocenti, Florence, Italy

DATE : December 30, 2016

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Florence-based IPOSTUDIO was in charge of the gorgeous renovation, restoration and reconfiguration of a complex of monumental, historical buildings that, when re-opened this past summer, were talked about as the most awaited Florentine museum event of 2016.

The new Museo degli Innocenti in Piazza della Santissima Annunziata is an integral part of the Istituto degli Innocenti (Institute of the Innocents) that has been working on behalf of children and families for nearly 600 years.

The 12.8 million Euro expansion project had to take into account the constraints – and the rich possibilities – inherent in working with an internationally important institution housed in a historically significant building complex.

The Institute is located in the old hospital designed by the famous Renaissance architect and designer Filippo Brunelleschi – best known for his work on the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo) in Florence.

It also houses works by famous artists including Renaiss..


Holiday Villa in Geilo, Norway

DATE : December 30, 2016

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When the natural setting is harsh, stark and ascetic, you can succeed in two ways when designing a building. You design to stand out and be seen, or you go the opposite route and design to blend in and become invisible.
When it comes to private villas in the Norwegian mountains, the architects at Oslo-based Lund Hagem fall decidedly, and with great skill, into the latter category.

The masters of the vanishing villa have succeeded many times, but one of our recent favourites is Lund Hagem’s recreational residence in the Hallingdal valley in the ski resort town of Geilo located midway between Oslo and Bergen, about 250 km from each.
Known as the location for some of Norway’s most luxurious holiday cabins, Gailo boasts a ski season that stretches from late October till late April.

Lund Hagem’s cabin is indeed luxurious in its startlingly bare and understated style. In the winter when the low-profile building is almost entirely covered by snow, the villa is accessible only by snowmob..


Sacripante Gallery And Bar, Rome, Italy

DATE : December 29, 2016

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In Rome’s ancient central Rione Monti neighbourhood, Via Panisperna carries a rich and heavy history. The Via Panisperna Boys (I ragazzi di Via Panisperna) were a group of young Italian scientists who, led by Enrico Fermi, in 1934 discovered slow neutrons which later made the nuclear reactor – and the atomic bomb – possible. The street was initially named after a monastery located nearby, San Lorenzo in Panisperna.

On the storied street, a gorgeously rich and unconventional gallery and bar, called Sacripante, is located in a building that once housed a convent. Sacripante, in turn, is a character in Italian romantic epics Orlando innamorata and Orlando furioso that basically made the word synonymous with ‘scoundrel.’

Architect Giorgia Cerulli, her husband, events specialist Alessandro Cattedra, and her sister, fashion producer Carlotta Cerulli, with artistic directors Rossana Calbi and Giulia Picconi, have created an art venue that stands out even in the art-crazy Rome.

The exper..


Amber & Art Flagship Store, St. Petersburg, Russia

DATE : December 29, 2016

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The first store of Russian jewellery and art retailer Amber & Art deserves the label “flagship.”
Just the location and the building itself would warrant a special status.

Amber & Art is located by the river Moika in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, Russia, in a magnificent neoclassical apartment building known as Dom Adamini.

It was designed by Swiss-born Russian architect and engineer Domenico Adamini and built during 1823-1827 for the wealthy merchant, Antonov.

This pedigree and historical weight set the tone for the design work of the massive showroom and store, entrusted to Milan-based Piuarch Srl who also have an office in the Ukraine. Piuarch has an impressive client list that includes Swarowski, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Givenchy, and projects around the world.

The impressive St. Petersburg setting lends itself perfectly to an art-gallery atmosphere with its high ceilings and gorgeous arches.
The main type of jewellery on display is amber, a great example of ..