From Tatras to Towns: Poprad to Bratislava by Train

DATE : February 19, 2019

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I opened Google Maps on my phone in the basement-level hostel in Zakopane and discovered a problem. The only way out of this quaint Polish resort town by rail was back the way I’d come. The only viable way out, towards Slovakia, meant traversing the mountains by small private bus; I’d have to break with my two-month commitment to trains for the short journey.
The bus took me over the spectacular High Tatras and delivered me at a tiny nondescript station in a town called Poprad. As it turned out, it was a small price to pay. And the perfect introduction into a week of touring Slovakia by rail.

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Arriving in Poprad Poprad station was throughly underwhelming. I’d chosen the city for its cheap hostel, proximity to the mountains, and the daily trains that could connect me with Slovakia’s small villages and larger ..


13 Things to Do in Slovakia

DATE : May 19, 2017

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Share on FB Tweet Share on G+ Pin it FlipboardIn case you haven’t visited Slovakia yet, add it to your bucket list immediately. It is becoming a popular tourist destination and the reason is simple. There are so many things to do in Slovakia.
13 Things to do in Slovakia
Slovakia is a growing country full of breathtaking places and amazing things to do. Whether you’re a young solo traveler, a group of friends or a family with kids: everyone will find what suits them best! We have prepared a list of top 13 things to do in Slovakia, and we are sure that you will love them all.
1. Go HikingTatras mountains in Slovakia
We wanted to start the list of the top things to do in Slovakia with our favourite activity: hiking. Slovakia has a lot of hiking and climbing possibilities, especially in the north of the country. You will definitely appreciate the beauty of the Slovak mountains. There are hundreds and hundreds of hiking routes but the most beautiful ones are in the High Tatras. Don’t worry ..


A rafting weekend in Slovakia

DATE : May 18, 2017

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A rafting weekend in Slovakia Amid the peaks of the Tatras Mountains, lies one of Europe's most secluded valleys where rafters can be found paddling for their lives…
I should have been concentrating on paddling through the white torrents. But my mind was elsewhere, fixed on the image of Cyprián the flying monk soaring across mountains in his 18th-century flying machine from – as legend has it – Poland to the High Tatras in northern Slovakia.
To reach this distant Slovakian river, I’d also had to fly (albeit it in 21st-century style) – to Poprad, the gateway to the Carpathians’ mighty Tatras range and some exhilarating white water.
Poprad spreads out on a lush green plain beneath the Tatras’ 2,000m-high snaggle-toothed peaks. The locals are crazy about nature and at every opportunity head for the hills to hike around the tarns, collect mushrooms or slurp rib-sticking bean soups in the kolibas (rustic restaurants).
I thought I’d join them.
Dumplings and Demänovka Poprad’s ou..