What a Traditional Russian Wedding Looks like

DATE : February 19, 2019

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News Published on November 20, 2018 | by Andrea Guerriero
What a Traditional Russian Wedding Looks like In Russia, a wedding has been considered the most important event in a couple’s life since ancient times. According to the old Orthodox rules, spouses couldn’t just get a divorce and try again with someone else, so marriage was a lifetime decision. And this is the main reason why a classic Russian wedding has always been a huge party. In the pre-Christian era, a marriage ceremony symbolized the thriving of nature and fertility. Some pagan elements have survived to this day, mingling with new customs. Here’s how all the details and peculiarities are combined into one elaborate ceremony.
Wedding outfits
The clothes played an important role, with red and white colors dominating. Red symbolized masculine power and wealth, and white was a symbol of female purity and beauty. Wedding attires were decorated with fancy embroidery. Interesting fact: in ancient Rome and Medieval Europe, onl..


Amber & Art Flagship Store, St. Petersburg, Russia

DATE : December 29, 2016

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The first store of Russian jewellery and art retailer Amber & Art deserves the label “flagship.”
Just the location and the building itself would warrant a special status.

Amber & Art is located by the river Moika in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, Russia, in a magnificent neoclassical apartment building known as Dom Adamini.

It was designed by Swiss-born Russian architect and engineer Domenico Adamini and built during 1823-1827 for the wealthy merchant, Antonov.

This pedigree and historical weight set the tone for the design work of the massive showroom and store, entrusted to Milan-based Piuarch Srl who also have an office in the Ukraine. Piuarch has an impressive client list that includes Swarowski, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Givenchy, and projects around the world.

The impressive St. Petersburg setting lends itself perfectly to an art-gallery atmosphere with its high ceilings and gorgeous arches.
The main type of jewellery on display is amber, a great example of ..