Christmas in Bergen: An authentic taste of Norway

DATE : February 19, 2019

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Beyond serving as the gateway to some of Norway’s most beautiful fjords and boasting enchanting colourful wooden houses, beautiful old streets, fascinating culinary offerings and a cosy feel, Bergen is also home to one of the most unique winter attractions in the world: a huge village made out of gingerbread cookies.
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Many cities in central and northern Europe celebrate Christmas with open-air markets where you can find all sorts of holiday baubles and local foods to try. But only in Bergen will you find a village made out of gingerbread cookies, a tradition that started in 1991. In the city centre, in the old Sentralbadet square, you can visit the Pepperkakebyen village, with its miniature houses, buildings, cars, ships and trains. It’s all made out of gingerbread cookies, baked into the most creative and unusual shapes. The structure is held together with other sweet things, from candy canes to powdered sugar. The village has been a huge hit in Bergen, and local..


Holiday Villa in Geilo, Norway

DATE : December 30, 2016

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When the natural setting is harsh, stark and ascetic, you can succeed in two ways when designing a building. You design to stand out and be seen, or you go the opposite route and design to blend in and become invisible.
When it comes to private villas in the Norwegian mountains, the architects at Oslo-based Lund Hagem fall decidedly, and with great skill, into the latter category.

The masters of the vanishing villa have succeeded many times, but one of our recent favourites is Lund Hagem’s recreational residence in the Hallingdal valley in the ski resort town of Geilo located midway between Oslo and Bergen, about 250 km from each.
Known as the location for some of Norway’s most luxurious holiday cabins, Gailo boasts a ski season that stretches from late October till late April.

Lund Hagem’s cabin is indeed luxurious in its startlingly bare and understated style. In the winter when the low-profile building is almost entirely covered by snow, the villa is accessible only by snowmob..