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The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad

DATE : August 29, 2017

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The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad Christmas abroad often means missing friends and family. But it also means sunshine, adventure, parties, beaches and weird local customs. Here's the ultimate guide to surviving and thriving on your overseas Christmas…

Be generous with your photos
Longtail boats in Thailand's Trang islands (Graeme Green)
People at home always love to see what a good time their friends or loved ones are having overseas. There’s almost nothing your friends and family will like more, as they’re killing time before the Queen’s speech in a turkey-and-stuffing-and-alcohol stupor, than seeing photos of you having the time of your life surfing on a Balinese beach, scuba diving in Australia or kicking back with a cocktail in the Caribbean.
It doesn’t matter that they’re toughing it out in wintry weather – they can join you 'in spirit' and share the happiness of your sun-baked Christmas adventure.
Be generous with your photos. Send ema..


7 adventure holidays your kids will love

DATE : August 28, 2017

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7 adventure holidays your kids will love 28th November 2016
Forget the flop and drop. These exciting family adventures are guaranteed to keep the kids active and entertained. They might learn something too
1: Wild times in deepest Borneo
A proboscis monkey in Borneo (Dreamstime)
Combining adventure and education, this could well be the perfect family holiday. You and the kids will stay in authentic tribal longhouses, experiencing the local lifestyle first hand, as well as learning skills like lighting fires and shooting blowpipes that are essential to surviving in the rainforest.
The kids will also experience unforgettable encounters with the legendary wildlife of Borneo. On Selingan Island, your children will help on the turtle conservation project. At the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, they’ll learn how these great apes are being rescued and rehabilitated. And a river boat trip up the mighty Kinabatangan river will reveal a host of wildlife superstars, from pigmy elephants to the..