5 reasons to visit Prizren, Kosovo’s undiscovered gem

DATE : August 29, 2017

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With its rich cultural heritage, café culture and mountain backdrop, Prizren is Kosovo’s best kept secret. Here’s why you should visit and linger a while… 1: It has a stunning location   Sinan Pasha mosque (Dreamstime) Nestled in a valley between the Sharr Mountains on one side and the ruins of a hilltop citadel on […]


Rediscovering Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia

DATE : February 21, 2017

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Rediscovering Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia Wanderlust kickstarted one wave of tourism to the underrated Balkans – and Macedonia won Best Emerging Destination in the 2016 Wanderlust Travel Awards. Now it’s time more of you headed for Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia…
“Back in 2005 Wanderlust was here. They were the first! People started to come then.” I broke, startled, out of my reverie as I overheard Brother Kalist reminiscing. “I can still remember the reporter – it was like it was yesterday!”
I moved away from the fresco I had been studying and introduced myself to the charismatic bearded monk who lives alone in the monastery of Sveta Bogorodica at Treskavec, set high on a windswept hill beneath Macedonia’s Mount Zlato. “I had a copy of the magazine,” he said, “but I lost it to the fire.”
Back in 2005, when a Wanderlust writer did indeed visit Treskavec, there was only a rough track up to the monastery. However, in 2013 there was a devastating fire, and a road was built to help ..