Berlin Seen through the Filters of Instagram

DATE : February 20, 2019

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The Berlin hashtag on Instagram tops out at more than 31 million posts (August 2018)- and once we’ve filtered out the mirrored six pack shots, pensive models and famous people there’s at least a couple hundred thousand for the rest of us 😉
The monument-heavy city with a tangible history and a stroke of creativity and openmindedness is as must see as a city gets.
And if you haven’t been on a trip to Berlin then at least get a peak at it through a camera lens.
Here’s a quick tour of Berlin through the filters of Instagram. Brandenburg Gate This neoclassical monument inspired by the Acropolis in Athens was ordered built by King Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1791 and is a symbol of peace and unity in Berlin.
@Svenbock via Instagram The wanderlust is too strong already? Find your best and cheap deal for the next city break in Berlin.
✈️ + 🏨 Berlin
A Stroll Through the Reichstag This historical Berlin edifice was almost completely destroyed during the war but persists as the current seat of..


Eurotrip – 7 cities in 7 Days

DATE : February 19, 2019

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Europe Published on February 14, 2019 | by Andrea Guerriero
Eurotrip – 7 cities in 7 Days Planning a seven-day Europtrip might not be as difficult as some believe, especially with so many beautiful destinations and diverse ways of transportation. If you want to have an ultimate adventure and catch a glimpse of the best places in Europe, check out the following seven cities in seven days itinerary.

Bucharest, Romania Eastern Europe is now on every traveller’s must-visit list, and Bucharest is undoubtedly a fantastic choice if you want to explore this part of the continent, as well as a great way to start a memorable Eurotrip. There are plenty of interesting things to do in Romania’s capital. Begin with visiting the House of Parliament, the second largest administrative building in the world. Then, get closer to the Romanian traditions while wandering around the open-air Village Museum, and enjoy a relaxing walk in Herastrau Park. Indulge in the delicious Romanian food at the famous ..


10 Most popular destinations for German tourists

DATE : August 30, 2017

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TOP 10 MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONS FOR GERMAN TOURISTS TOP 10 MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONS FOR GERMAN TOURISTS Date 04.04.2016 Article in pdf The German Research Institute (FUR) analyzed and published the data for leisure trips made by German tourists in 2015. The research revealed several changes in the list of the most popular destinations. German tourists may not have lost their desire to take a holiday last year, despite the increased security risks, but the countries and regions they favor were much closer to home. There is also a clear desire for sun and sea over colder climes as large numbers of holidaymakers aimed for the coast and the Mediterranean and left the mountains behind. Many, however, don't even leave their home country at all. brings the top 10 destinations visited by German tourists last year.
1. Bavaria – Exploring German Traditions The announcement of the top destination for German tourists may seem a little anti-climactic, but most preferr..


What’s New in Germany, Vienna, and Prague for 2018

DATE : February 23, 2017

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The burgeoning HafenCity district and its spectacular new Elbphilharmonie concert hall are revitalizing Hamburg's riverfront. (photo: Rick Steves) A statue of Martin Luther stands tall in his hometown of Wittenberg, which, along with the rest of Germany, will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. (photo: Rick Steves) The big event in Germany this year is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation began in 1517 when Martin Luther, a priest and professor of theology, wrote and published his 95 theses, questioning the corrupt ways of the Catholic Church. Throughout Germany, visitors will find events and exhibits honoring this anniversary, highlighted by three special exhibitions that will be on display from April until November in three visit-worthy cities.
In Berlin, the “Luther Effect” exhibit, presented by the German History Museum and on display at the Martin-Gropius-Bau exhibition space, will examine the global effect of the Reformation..


What Not to Miss if You Visit Berlin

DATE : December 14, 2016

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18/08/2015 16:01 Travel to the German capital, Berlin; it can be one of the best choices. If it is your first visit, and you have the ability to do so, we suggest you take advantage of all that this beautiful city offers.
Each trip to Berlin is always exciting, attractive in terms of obtaining new knowledge, fun and of course relaxation that you'll find there. If you decide to spend a few days or even just a weekend in Berlin, we help you with a small itinerary so as not to miss anything important among what Berlin has to offer.
To explore this important German city we will begin in the heart of it, so if you stay at one of the downtown hotels in Berlin this will be a very positive thing for your trip.
Among the best ways to discover this attractive city, the capital of East Germany until reunification in 1990, which brings together both the luxury and decadence of the former German Democratic Republic, we will start with a walk along this famous bouleva..


The City of Cologne in Germany ‒ its Cathedral, Tourism and Other Attractions

DATE : December 14, 2016

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03/02/2016 17:29 Germany is known for its great tourist potential, which certainly hardly anyone doubts. However, it is not exploited as a destination for tourism and is more powerful at this level than such as Spain, France or Italy.
Many people think that this sleeping giant of tourism and culture should wake up from its lethargy, which it may already be doing, and become a major competitor in tourism for travels across Europe by those who seek not only beaches but also submersion in culture, in the broadest sense of the word.
This time we visit Cologne, a city on the River Rhine possessing one of the most famous and oldest universities in Europe. However, the city where famous people would someday be mayor, such as Konrad Adenauer, the founder of the party of the current government in this Teutonic country, was completely destroyed during the Second World War.
Life in Cologne is happy; it is not a typical German city as we imagine as to the seriousness of the inhabitan..


Neuschwanstein. The Exceptional Place of Germany. Don´t Miss It.

DATE : August 15, 2016

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25/06/2015 23:04 One of the most visited places in Germany and a favourite destination of tourists who decide to make their travel across Europe. It was built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II and is located near the city of Füssen between the Bavarian mountains and forests. Here you can see the place with the most fantastic architecture: Neuschwanstein Castle.
We will not write about its history, because you can discover it directly in the castle or read it in any other article talking about Neuschwanstein. Let's concentrate about more interesting things that will surely inspire you and help you relax to the maximum.
Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited castles in Europe and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. If you have not yet visited, doubt no more. Awaiting you is a true story in which you are at its centre. Walt Disney himself was so fascinated by its beauty that he used it as a model for the design of the castles in Disneyland.
For a visit to Neuschwanste..