The Best Views of Dubrovnik

DATE : February 20, 2019

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Let’s face it, Dubrovnik’s old walled city is breathtaking from pretty much any angle. But there are a few signature views of this jewel that stand out.
Some of them are better at certain times of the day, especially if you’re taking pictures and you want to catch the best light. For some of the farther-away viewpoints you’ll need a camera with a zoom lens to get the perfect shot.

From Above The viewing platforms at the top of the cable car station on Mount Srd stand about 1,350 feet above sea level. From here you’re literally looking down on the city, with streets laid out before you like a 3D map. Those orange-tiled roofs against the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea is a sight that will stick in your mind forever. It truly is one of those postcard views. While you’re up there, you might want to take a look at the Museum to the Croatian War of Independence for some (albeit biased) background on the break-up of Yugoslavia back in the 1990s.
How to get this view? There are three ways u..


Data Roaming for Americans on a European Vacation

DATE : February 20, 2019

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Got an Unlocked Smartphone? Having an unlocked smartphone gives you the freedom to swap to a local SIM but it used to be a real chore having to buy a new SIM for each European country you visit. Fortunately the EU’s new rules effectively eradicating roaming charges took effect in July 2017. Now it’s possible to buy a SIM (or ask one of our local staff to take care of that for you) in the first country you arrive to. There are some gotchas – some carriers are quite mean when it comes to roaming data allowance (we’re looking at you Poland, Latvia and a few others where data is ‘too cheap’). If you’re going to non-EU countries you’ll still need to buy a new SIM for each country most of the time. Our local staff can advise on the best option. There are cases where some mobile network operators in non-EU countries have agreements with neighboring country operators.
What if your phone’s locked to your carrier? This is all fine and dandy if your smartphone is unlocked – usually the case if y..


The Reverse Culture Shock After Leaving Croatia

DATE : August 29, 2017

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The Reverse Culture Shock After Leaving Croatia croatiaweek 3 days ago Latest

By Alexandra Schmidt
I never realized how much living in Croatia changed me until I left. I lived in Croatia for about a year in total, first studying abroad in Dubrovnik, and then coming back to stay with my Croatian boyfriend.
But it seems every time I leave, I take a bigger part of Croatia with me, which has led to a collision between American and Croatian culture. To say that I’ve experienced reverse culture shock would be an understatement.
The Midwest is “home” for me in the United States, as I have roots both in Chicago and Minnesota. Of course the brashest culture shock was the sub-zero temperatures.
It was like my body lost all immunity to brave the frigid air, despite living in one of the coldest places in the United States for 18 years. I longed for the “cold” on the Adriatic coast. Croatia’s “Jugo” wind is pretty laughable compared to the Windy City.
It was also a stra..


8 reasons Istria region in Croatia should be your next vacation

DATE : May 16, 2017

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Istria is one of my favorite destinations in the world and here is why I recommend you to visit it:

What is Istria and where is it?
Istria (don’t confuse with Austria!) is a peninsula in Croatia located close to Italy.

During the 1 week in which I have been traveling there, I couldn’t help but wonder –
How oh how is it possible to fit enough interesting things in a 80 km. strip of coastline?
But I was wrong and I publicly apologize, my dear Istria!

Rolling hills, crystal clear Adriatic Sea, charming medieval towns, tasty delicacies, extreme activities – I felt like not even a couple of months, wouldn’t be enough to fully discover the region!

You should start planning your trip to this paradise, and here is why:
1. Fantastic scenery!
Would you like to stroll through wineries, hills, palm trees, and the seaside, all in the same place?
The perfect blend of all these, without even having to drive more than 20 minutes – that is what made me fall in love with Istria!
If olive groves sh..


8 charming towns in Istria (Croatia) you should visit!

DATE : May 16, 2017

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Here are 8 charming towns you should visit in Istria, Croatia:

Istria is a region in Croatia, a small peninsula just a couple of hours boat ride from Venice.
Don’t get scared by the amount of towns in this post about Istria – they are all tiny (including the smallest one in the world!) and are located close to each other.
In the past century, after WW1, Istria was an Italian region, but then, at the end of WW2 it was part of Yugoslavia. Now it is part of Croatia, and the local people are part Italian, part Croatian.

Istria is a charming region, in fact, one of my favorite destinations in Europe!
Here are the towns that are must visit and my recommendation for the things to do there:

Click on the button to jump directly to your town:
RovinjVrsarMotovunPorecGroznjanPulaUmagHum1. Rovinj

Did you know that Rovinj is THE most popular Croatian destination by the amount of nights?
No wonder, Rovinj is a pure seaside bliss!
Even if I usually try to escape touristic places, Rovinj is just ..


10 Most Amazing Destinations in South Croatia

DATE : May 11, 2017

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10 Most Amazing Destinations in South Croatia Last updated on March 30, 2017 in Croatia Leave a Comment
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Fox Had a Trip to Neretva Valley

DATE : March 1, 2017

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The Adriatic TimesSinkeFeb 8, 2017 – 13:51 Thinking where to go and which places to visit during your stay in Croatia? Do consider making an excursion to Neretva Valley, a lovely spot close to the sea, embracing its visitors with natural sights and rich food offer. Even during colder season of the year, this part of Croatia can be a great spot for a visit, contributing to your experience of the country.
And after you spend some time on the banks of Neretva River, continue your voyage to Komarna village on the coastline. Skilful local wine makers will surely have plenty of things to put on the table, and will gladly provide a tour of their cellars.
Our image gallery below proves every point.
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Have a Trip to Neretva ValleyThinking where to go and which places to visit during your stay in…
The Starry Residence of KrkaA great-look..


Five Croatian Villas Waiting for Your Stay

DATE : March 1, 2017

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News & TipsSinkeDec 15, 2016 – 18:22 Staying in a luxurious accommodation is always a nice way to experience your holidays. So far, we covered a wide range of Croatian villas, each of them being a perfect spot both for you and your company. In addition to class, many of them offer traditional vibe and feeling of old, rustic hospitality. Check out five of these fancy spots on Adriatic Sea below.

The Stone House of VrgoracHaving approximately two centuries of age, this unique residence can be found in the tiny Dalmatian village of Gornji Orah. Renovated in the way that the owner used his own hands to crave the stones, it is a gorgeous site which is partly located in the very slopes of nearby mountain. Check out the image gallery of the place here.

The Flower Square ResidenceSituated on the lovely Island of Vis, this villa can be found on the square dedicated to flowers. Renovated in accordance with island’s ancient architectural style, the accommodation resembles scenery from a fairy ..


Why it Is an Excellent Idea to Visit the City of Dubrovnik

DATE : September 12, 2016

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24/03/2016 17:10 Dubrovnik, known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, is a city surrounded by walls; a coastal city, where the beaches are bathed by the Adriatic Sea. Located in the region of Dalmatia, Croatia, the richness of its monuments offers all citizens and visitors a perspective that does not leave anyone indifferent. It is ever fascinating.
If you are still in doubt about travelling to this wonderful city, do not think twice! Travel, and immerse yourself in its numerous churches, forts, walls, romantic and luxurious beaches and its small coves, and the many tourist activities available.
To get the best out of sightseeing in Dubrovnik just walk the streets and be attentive to its atmosphere and what the environment offers you.
Enjoy its tourist attractions, have a good time here and relax on the best beaches of this famous and popular city. You can discover the best ideas for ​​this city and arrange your trip if you continue reading and let us show you the most important..