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Gràcia Festival : Would you like to visit biggest Street Festival in Barcelona?

DATE : September 13, 2016

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Fox reveals that each year in August the streets of Barcelona’s Gràcia district come alive with a week-long fiesta that sees the barrio transformed also called Festa Major. La Fiesta de Gràcia is an eagerly awaited event in Barcelona’s busy calendar. If you are in Barcelona in August make sure that you head to the up-town […]


Wanna know some interesting facts about Slovenia?

DATE : September 13, 2016

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Slovenia is cool, it’s a tiny but beautiful Slavic country and people are also just as pretty and welcoming. Only these facts are the good reasons for you to come visit Slovenia, but hey why stop at these when we can show you a set of 20 interesting facts about ! Average tourist reviews are […]


What you should not miss if you visit Ljubljana in one day

DATE : September 12, 2016

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25/03/2016 16:09 Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital that many have seen in pictures ‒ a river, a castle, a historic centre and impressive churches that are the symbol of this city. The castle was destroyed by war and later rebuilt in a more contemporary style.
Ljubljana is perhaps not well known for its English tourists, though many people from other European countries travel there because of the similarities of the language in this European capital ‒ Ljubljana has a language very similar to Slovak speaking Slavic origin.
With a relaxed atmosphere and a lively youthful spirit it is definitely worth a visit to show us its charm.
Ljubljana is known for Joze Plecnik, the architect who designed several works in this important Slovenian city. But let's see what you can visit here and what attractions, and there are many, are worthy of our attention.
A tour of the capital of Slovenia
Definitely, first of all, visit Ljubljana Castle, to get to know the city. Take that clim..


Italian Touch in Slovenia. You’ll Fall in Love With Piran.

DATE : August 15, 2016

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25/06/2015 23:10 You feel like you’re in Italy but you're not there. In reality you are in a different country that has so much to offer. And right there, we will continue with our travels around Europe to teach you about another corner of Europe that is worth visiting. Go there, do not just keep reading, because only then can you discover the next jewel of the Adriatic coast where many travellers return and want to return to enjoy their holidays and celebrate life.
This time we go to Slovenia, to the southwest of the country, on the Adriatic coast. And, our destination is a most beautiful city in all the Slovenian Riviera, called Piran.
Before coming to Piran you should know that you can´t enter the city by car. Only residents are allowed to do so. You have to leave your car parked outside the city in a parking area.
When you enter, the first thing that you’ll notice is the great influence of the city of Venice, because the structure of Piran is really very similar. N..