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Skiing in Salzburg, Austria – Shredding Slopes and More in the Skicircus

DATE : May 21, 2017

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This trip to the Salzburg mountain region was the first of many that will form part of my ‘Year in Austria’ project. I am now the official UK ambassador for the Austrian National Tourist Office, where I will be travelling all around the country (using my home of Vienna as the starting point) over the next 12 months. I will be sharing content on my social channels and on the Visit Austria channels also. A big part of this project is to include insights from what you know already and questions about what you don’t, and even challenges set by you, the readers, on what you want me to see and do. Ultimately, I want you to come here too! I hope you will follow along and join in, and put Austria more on the map!
Skiing in Salzburg is as Austrian as it sounds and since ski is the national sport of the country, shredding the slopes of Austrian Alps is a rite of passage for every visitor who passes through the country in winter. Now that I live in Austria, I need to up my ski ante to assimilate..