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An Illustrated Guide to Weird British Expressions

DATE : August 30, 2017

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An Illustrated Guide to Weird British Expressions by Marilyn Vinch
categories: USA Travel When JRR Tolkien described a world of bogs, trolls and enchanted trinkets in his Lord of the Rings saga, he was not working entirely from his imagination. Growing up in turn-of-the-century England, Tolkien was surrounded by a world in change, striving towards an urbanized future yet still mired in the muck of the drizzled countryside and grim early industry.
Britain is odd. Curious histories and long-festering cultures mean that however sophisticated Britain pretends to be in modern times, quaintness is never far beneath the surface. If you’re planning to visit the islands for the first time, the first such thing you notice might be the weird turns of phrase to be heard in everyday British speech. If you don’t know who “Uncle Bob” is or where “Bill’s mothers” is supposed to be, it might be a good idea to acquaint yourself with British English before you land.
Do you know, for exampl..


15 Tips for Flying With Kids

DATE : January 1, 2017

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15 Tips for Flying With Kids by Chris Christensen
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Our kids grew up with grandparents on opposite sides of the country, so before they could walk they were getting on planes. Yes, we got those looks from people when they saw us get on the plane with two small kids, but more than once we had people comment how great our kids did. Some planning helps.
Before we talk parenting on a plane, just a brief digression into parenting in general. Kids who are undisciplined when they are not on planes will not suddenly become able to follow instructions while on a plane… and they have to.
We watched in amazement once as a woman who had a child or 3 or 4 unable to keep her child in the seat belt for takeoff. It is not legal for the flight to take off with a child crawling on the floor and we fully expected them to be escorted from the plane. If you can’t get your child to follow your instructions on a regular basis, then brining them in a crowded enclosed m..