Berlin Seen through the Filters of Instagram

The Berlin hashtag on Instagram tops out at more than 31 million posts (August 2018)- and once we’ve filtered out the mirrored six pack shots, pensive models and famous people there’s at least a couple hundred thousand for the rest of us 😉

The monument-heavy city with a tangible history and a stroke of creativity and openmindedness is as must see as a city gets.

And if you haven’t been on a trip to Berlin then at least get a peak at it through a camera lens.

Here’s a quick tour of Berlin through the filters of Instagram.

Brandenburg Gate

This neoclassical monument inspired by the Acropolis in Athens was ordered built by King Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1791 and is a symbol of peace and unity in Berlin.

@Svenbock via Instagram

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A Stroll Through the Reichstag

This historical Berlin edifice was almost completely destroyed during the war but persists as the current seat of German parliament – the roof terrace and dome are open to the public and offer spectacular views.

@Spinhx_moth via Instagram

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Some Cutesy Street Art

Berlin is known the world over as the ‘graffiti Mecca’ and a quick stroll through the city does nothing short of confirm this – cameras at the ready!

@whiskey.and.roses via Instagram

The Olympic Stadium

This behemouth originally built for the 1936 Summer Olympics is the largest stadium in Germany and has played host to the World Cup, Champion’s League Final, and a ton of prestigious entertainment events.


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Two Buildings United

Not just walls but entire buildings bear the mark of great artists, like this one situated on Herzbergstr in East Berlin.

@illicit_isi via Instagram

The City Framed With a Tree

Being a flat city by nature it’s hard to come by a good photo of the city from above, though this shot from someone’s plant-heavy balcony almost creates the idea there’s a hill to look down from.

an overhead view of berlin through tree branches
@ashmshn via Instagram

Waiting Near Checkpoint Charlie

The main checkpoint for travelling tourists between East and West Berlin on famous Friedrichstrasse is now a shell of its former self – a collection of shops, internet cafes, and fast food restaurants.

a man waits for a bus near checkpoint charlie berlin
@berlintensiv via Instagram

The Berlinerdom

This towering Baroque revival cathedral is known at the Protestant St Peter’s and even though it was only built in 1905 it stands on the site of many earlier structures.

the berlinerdom over the river in berlin
@zerletti via Instagram

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A Snaking S-Bahn Train

With 15 lines serving 166 stations and 1,300,000 passengers daily this rapid transport system famous for its automated mechanical control is one of the most efficient in Europe.

an s-bahn train in berlin
@berlingraphie via Instagram

The World Famous Tiergarten

Berlin’s Tiergarten (‘Animalgarden’ in German) was named so due to its role as the space where the ruling class would go to hunt wild boar and pheasants. Today it’s the largest and most used urban park in the city.

a road cuts through a gigantic park in berlin
@instalyrik_ via Instagram

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