Alternative Valentine’s day destinations in Europe

There’s much more to Valentine’s Day than just flowers, chocolates and clichés. If the typical weekend in Paris doesn’t do it for you, here are our suggestions for alternative Valentine’s Day destinations that guarantee a trip to remember, whether you’re coupled up or riding solo.

6 Alternative Valentine’s Day Destinations

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s capital is home to cheap drinks, buzzing nightlife and some pretty epic architecture. Take a walking tour and learn about the two sides to the city, then walk the Danube Promenade and enjoy the views.

When night falls, head to the city center’s famous ruin bars, set up in war-damaged buildings, and mingle with visitors to the city from all over the world.

Berlin, Germany

With history lurking around every corner, endless fascinating architecture and an abundance of abandoned warehouse clubs, Berlin is not your typical romantic experience.

Be sure to visit the Kreuzberg area: it has a counter-culture vibe that makes for an interesting hangout, full of vintage shops, great bars and late-night food stalls. Plus, you can’t miss the East Side Gallery – the longest remaining portion of the Berlin Wall made into an open-air gallery of street art.

Sicily, Italy

At the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Sicily’s gorgeous wilderness and warm people make it a must-see. Stay in an Agriturismo – a farm that doubles as a guesthouse – for a unique trip.

From the city of Catania, take an easy day trip to Mount Etna, an active volcano. Treat yourself to everything Sicily has to offer from freshly caught seafood to uniquely flavored gelato.

Zagreb, Croatia

Get ready for museums, galleries and history galore. Visit the award-winning Museum of Broken Relationships, a curation of pieces from real people’s past relationships, each with a little story that will either bring you to tears or make you burst out laughing.

Spend a day hiking Medvednica Mountain, just north of Zagreb. And in the morning, be sure to indulge in everything the Dolac Market has to offer, from fruit and veggies to cheese and more.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has lots to offer, from its beautifully clean landscape to the fascinating mashup of classic and modern infrastructure. The Tivoli Gardens are a must-see – this amusement park is said to be the inspiration for Disney World.

Get a brilliant view of the city from the top of Rundetårn or go on a lush boat tour. Be sure to check out Blågårdsgade for a night filled with live music and chilled out bars loved by locals.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This list isn’t complete without Amsterdam. Beyond all the vices it’s is infamous for, this Dutch canal city has everything from alternative markets to stunningly scenic squares and picturesque canals. Don’t miss the the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, as well as the Anne Frank House.

If it’s time to party, the Rembrandtplein and Leideseplein areas offer a variety of dance clubs, bars and live music venues. At night, you’ll also find plenty of entertainment in De Wallen area. Just look it up…

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