20 Reasons to Visit Romania

Are you planning a trip to Europe and cannot decide which country to start with? Well, we can give you some good reasons why to set off on your European ventures in Romania!

Despite the fact Romania is usually off the limit for many travellers, this corner of the world has definitely some unknown secrets to discover and roads less travelled, if you look for this kind of holiday.

Moreover, if you’re an avid photographer or you want to improve your photography skills, we encourage you to join Nomad is Beautiful Photography Tour in Romania in August 2016!

During the 10 days workshop, you’ll explore the bucolic Bucovina, Transylvania and Maramures regions, you’ll get to remote villages and famous historical towns. You’ll be able to capture the beauty of country life, stunning landscape views and collect your stories from locals.

Apart from a specialized local guide, there will be your tutor, Gianni Bianchini, a professional photographer who’ll guide you and assist you throughout the tour. However, you’ll get enough space to develop the photography vision on your own as well as to create the compelling visual stories.

So, what’s so special about Romania and why visit the country?

1.Because there’s much more than „Dracula Castle“. Romania is home of many other beautiful historic monuments, fortresses, fortified churches and mansions.

2.Because these are the views you’ll wake up to when travelling in rural Romania. On our photography tour, there will be always great opportunities where you’ll be able to capture the rising sun over the sleepy valleys.

3. Because Romanians are genuine. And even if they might seem distant at the beginning, it takes a few moments and you laugh together.

4. This is what we mean.

5. Because you’ll be able to get close to the farriers at work as never before. The craft of making a horseshoe is too traditional in Romania to be missed.

6. Because in Romania you’ll witness shepherds life that has been preserved for centuries.

7. Because you’ll learn that the beauty of life is in simplicity.

8. Because people here don’t pretend anything. While exploring remote areas in Romania with us, you’ll hear many stories told by locals who love to share their life experiences.

9. Because in Zarnesti you’ll find a bear sanctuary where they take a great care of rescued bears from all around the world.

10. Because there are still some towns where you can find significant Saxon heritage, particularly in Transylvania.

12. Because the exterior of the medieval monasteries is as stunning as the interior.

13. Do you know what I mean?

14. Because Romanians understand that chili makes a big difference in food. Besides, you’ll taste some of the best porcini mushrooms and polenta here.

15. Because only in Săpânța, Maramureş, you’ll find unique colorful tombstones with naïve paintings and poems that often describes a story of a deceased in a humorous way.

16. Because the views of the rooftops in small towns in Romania can easily compete with famous European metropolis.

17. Because there’s always a festival in the or its neighborhood. You will love vibrant squares full of joy, good food and wine.

18. Because Romania has some of the most stunning bucolic landscape that offers some fantastic photography opportunities.

19. Because its pretty normal to spot horses on meadows or pulling a cart with hay or harvest on village roads.

20 Because the elders here know that their homeland will welcome you with open arms, its pure nature will embrace you and the humor of locals will entertain you!

This is only a glimpse of what you can experience first hand in Romania. What are you waiting for? Come and join us there next summer!.Don’t wait too long, the number of spots is limited! Looking forward to seeing you in Romania


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