10 Most Amazing Destinations in Northern Portugal

Would you like to find Northern Portugal yet don’t know what spots to visit? In this article you’ll discover the absolute most lovely places in this Portuguese area and in the nation.

Here is our main 10 of the spots to visit in Northern Portugal

10 Most Amazing Destinations in Northern Portugal

1. Porto

Top 10 des endroits à visiter dans le nord du Portugal : Porto

The delightful capital of Northern Portugal needn’t bother with presentation, yet realize that by going by Porto you’ll have an essence of what the north brings to the table. You can visit Porto in 2 days however it won’t be sufficient. Along these lines you’ll have a reason to visit this excellent city once more.

2. Guimarães

Top 10 des endroits à visiter dans le nord du Portugal : Guimarães

Guimarães is the origination of Portugal; this is the place the nation was conceived on account of Dom Afonso Henriques, the primary ruler of Portugal. This city has an engaging memorable focus. You may visit Guimarães in a day and the notable focus down the middle a day.

From Porto: Braga and Guimarães Full-Day Tour


3. Braga

Top 10 des endroits à visiter dans le nord du Portugal : Braga

Braga’s history goes back over 2000 years and is viewed as the Portuguese Rome on account of its endless houses of worship and two places of worship – Bom Jesus do Monte and Sameiro. To visit Braga you will require a day, beside the noteworthy focus you shouldn’t miss the two places of worship.

4. Viana do Castelo

northern Portugal

Viana do Castelo was referred to until 1848 as Viana da Foz do Lima. The city had a heavenly past on account of its solid sea custom, especially because of its maritime shipyards. When you visit Viana do Castelo you should visit the notable focus, the altar of Santa Luzia and bear in mind to appreciate the many shorelines close to the city.

5. Ponte de Lima

Top 10 des endroits à visiter dans le nord du Portugal : Ponte de Lima

You can’t visit Northern Portugal and miss the most seasoned town in Portugal. Ponte de Lima is a residential area that will flabbergast you with its medieval appeal. Going to Ponte de Lima may take in any event a large portion of a day however depend on a day, in light of the fact that once in Ponte de Lima you won’t have any desire to take off.

6. Peneda-Gerês National Park

Top 10 des endroits à visiter dans le nord du Portugal : Parc National Peneda Gerês

Molded by mountains, streams, waterways and gulches, the Peneda-Gerês National Park will offer you one of a kind minutes. You will require no less than three days to completely visit the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Notwithstanding the scene you will find, you will likewise have the chance to discover wild creatures, attempt tree climbing, trails, ride a stallion and considerably more

7. Montesinho Natural Park

northern Portugal

The Montesinho Natural Park was my greatest shock amid my visit all through the north of Portugal. I was astounded by the astonishing scenes, by the consideration of the populace and by the excellence of the little towns, some of them still communitarian. It will take two days to visit the Montesinho Natural Park. While finding the recreation center don’t miss the chance to visit the memorable focal point of the city of Bragança.

8. Miranda do Douro

Top 10 des endroits à visiter dans le nord du Portugal : Miranda do Douro

Miranda do Douro is situated in the Douro International Natural Park and has the disposition of having two authority dialects, Portuguese and Mirandese. The stream Douro moves through the city, as the name demonstrates. It has Spain as its outskirts in the east of the city. While in Miranda do Douro, don’t miss the chance of partaking in a Douro International voyage to take a gander at uncommon winged creature species exhibit in the recreation center. You can visit Miranda do Douro in an evening.

9. Chaves

Poldras no Tâmega – Chaves

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Chaves is unquestionably a standout amongst the most lovely urban areas in the north of Portugal and a place to go! Lose yourself in the boulevards of Chaves and visit authentic spots like the Fort of São Francisco, the Fort of São Neutel and the donjon of Chaves mansion. Accept the open door to visit the wonderful Trajano scaffold and drive along the warm course unitl Vidago.

10. The Douro

Top 10 des endroits à visiter dans le nord du Portugal : Douro

In the valley of the Douro waterway you will discover numerous vineyards. It’s in this locale that the popular Port wine is delivered. To visit the Douro valley I urge you to go on a Douro journey leaving from Porto or to visit the area via auto, through the streets by the waterway Douro, to appreciate the brilliant scene.

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